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    Khadas Tone2 Pro Review (DAC & Amp)

    Thank you for your reply! Meanwhile I had the Tone 2 for some days but then became the option for another device, which I currently use.
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    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    The Output of the WIIM can be set to different resolutions. Does I make always up-/downsampling to the resolution set? I'd prefer the output with the resolution of the source material, so e.g. when 44,1khz is streamed then 44,1khz, when 192khz then 192khz and so on.
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    Khadas Tone2 Pro Review (DAC & Amp)

    Would you still recommend the device as a pure dac this days? I'm wondering if the 4,4mm balanced out could be used for the amplifier via 4,4mm to xlr instead of the ridiculous expensive balanced rca to xlr cable.
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    thank you! Then it's Topping E50 for me, I think.
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    thank you! Does it have auto on / off when signal comes?
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    But that would probably not be audible? The Topping has Features like DAC-Mode (dissabled volume control) as well as auto-on/off. Features that are missing with the SMSL, unless I'm wrong.
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Would you buy the SMSL D-6s or the E50, as they cost nearly the same.
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    Looking for a power supply with multiple jacks

    Hey folks, I´m looking for a solution to get rid of the several external power supplys. I simply don´t like these mass of wallchargers and would like to subsitute them with one or two power supply devices (so only one cable to the wall plug). Ideally with the option of several 12V 5,5/2.1mm and...
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    Coming soon: MiniDSP Flex with HDMI input

    I´m also looking for something like "Wisa-Receivers", to use existing active loudspeakers. It´s a pitty, that there is nothing on the market. Besides, the missing decoding options of this device are still a dealbreaker for me :(
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    These mass of chinese dacs is so confusing. I´m looking for a dac, that has: - spdif input (coax or optical) - balanced outputs including a good output stage - good power supply built in, with "cold plug" (C13) - good upsampling (maybe the option to disable it) including very good reclocking /...
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    Recommendations needed for a replacement for a miniDSP active crossover

    May I ask in which country you live? Maybe the Nubert Nucontrol 2 would be an option, but It's a German manufacturer.
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    And again no Trigger in / out :(
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    New SMSL D-6S

    Does it have a fixed output mode, so that the volume control is disabled?
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    SMSL D-6 DAC Review

    Does anyone already have the new D6S? Looks very promising.
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    Epos ES 14 N - best passive Speaker in so far? (7.4/10 with equalisation without subwoofer)

    First of all: I listened to your Borg this year at the Munich High-End Show and liked it very much, also your "diffusor room" (looked like the hofa diffusors in self built cabins). Therefore I sat a pretty while in the sweet spot (that happens not very often there) :D I'm very curious what...
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    Apollon Audio Class-D Amp Build Quality

    Shouldn't that all be totally inaudible?
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    Apollon Audio Class-D Amp Build Quality

    I've done that yesterday - maybe I'm in the spam-folder?
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    Apollon Audio Class-D Amp Build Quality

    Does anybody got some information related to the planned preamp? Unfortunately tibor didn´t reply to me anymore (If he would know how many people ordered amps from him due to my recommendations...). Hopefully someone here has more information.
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    You compared with LS50 or LS50meta? Did you adjust the different height of the coax (R3 placed at the same standmount is higher - that may explain, what you've described) and the volume leveled? R3 and LS50 placed in AB-AB or AB-BA comparison? No sub is no option ;)
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