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  1. ExEnemy

    OLED - Sony or LG,

    One thing about Sony is their 4k upscaler/sharpener is a class above the rest. I even turn it on while playing 4k contents, it's that good. Quality wise C1 and 80j are pretty similar, you can check for detailed comparison. Personally if they are similar in price i'll always go for...
  2. ExEnemy

    Hifiman Edition XS

    You don't need a balanced cables, most newer desktop amps have more than enough power to drive a Hifiman in their unbalanced output. Even portable amp like Qudelix 4k with 200mW/33ohm get loud enough with my Hifimans, and it sounds the same as my desktop dac/amp quality wise. In case of cable...
  3. ExEnemy

    Recommendation: headphone amp (do I need a balanced one?)

    Balanced just sounds way cooler than unbalanced isn't it? :). If you dont need gain(not with your current phones) or very long cable length, balanced makes no difference at all. You should get a Topping DX3 pro+ or similar dac/amp for a compact footprint.
  4. ExEnemy

    Audio GD - bad rap in the past -new breed !!

    Audio-GD is the old school "Chi-Fi" for ppl with specific taste. Most who like them describe the sound as thick, warm, tube-like with impactful bass, aka lots of distortions. Visually their dac/amp are always huge, with abundance of components to appear like a bang-for-buck diy Marantz.
  5. ExEnemy

    I am looking for an over ear with the following characteristics.

    Heard good things about the new Hifiman Edition XS. Egg-shaped Hifiman is known for soundstage and imaging quality, and if you like clean bass so planar heaphone is your easy choice. Or you can just go the OG way and get a HD800/s. That one is always great to have for their uniqueness and...
  6. ExEnemy

    Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Review (Headphone)

    Thanks for the review. This seems to be one of the least wonky Ath in term of FR but comfort and portability are disappointing. Too bad Audio Technica always are very good looking, i still own an old Ath woody( w1000 sovereign), that thing looks like a piece of art.
  7. ExEnemy

    Sennheiser Upgrade from hd599. 660s or 650? (hint)

    I was about to say he400se with eq. Much better bass than almost any Senn. But Hifiman cans need power so you must check your mainboard output before buying. Otherwise an Akg K371 is a good choice. I don't like it as much as he400se but you can plug it anywhere and it sounds ok.
  8. ExEnemy

    Money no object best headphones for watching movies with emphases on clear vocals

    I can highly recommend the Sennheiser HD800 (and s) based on some reasons below: - Comfort: I own a couple of headphones range from $500-2000 and HD800 is the only one i use for longer listening sessions. A couple of hours long movies, no sweat, you almost forget about it as soon as you put it...
  9. ExEnemy

    Poll: Should We Get Into Testing Headphones or Speakers?

    Why not both? headphones pool is quite shallow compared to speakers and not like people want to see measurements of every one of them, just the juicy stuff like Beats, airpod, Grado, Focal ect :)))) Honestly i knew about this forum from Reddit and my own disillusion with Schiit and that Best...
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