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  1. changster

    miniDSP Harmony 8x12 Car Audio Amplifier - Review and Measurements

    2018 BMW X6M. I think it would only fit on the X5/X6/X7.
  2. changster

    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    I see no reason why you need acoustic treatment. Your biggest problem are the two massive dips around 60hz and 100hz. You should move your speakers and try to fix those nulls.
  3. changster

    Gryphon Apex Stereo power amplifier Measurements (Stereophile)

    JA, I want to thank you for all your contribution to the audio world. It's your life's work, and I think you improved the industry and improved the community as a whole. Not everyone can say that about their life's work.
  4. changster

    Gryphon Apex Stereo power amplifier Measurements (Stereophile)

    It's definitely poor for a $100k product. $100k products are held to a very different standard where nothing but perfection is expected.
  5. changster

    Gryphon Apex Stereo power amplifier Measurements (Stereophile)

    Absolutely horrific for a $100k amplifier. End of story. Hypex, Purifi, Benchmark AHB2 all outclass this thing.
  6. changster

    Electronics for Audiophiles: Voltage and Current (Video)

    Of course videos of “This $5000 cable doesn’t do anything!” videos would be watched more! People love mythbuster HiFi videos.
  7. changster

    Is Digital Audio Transmission Analog? [video]

    I find Darko's introduction in that video (with the water and then saying you show yourself out the door) very very insulting. He's degrading and insulting science. Many people talk about how Amir is too negative and cuts into other people, but I find Darko's segment way way more insulting.
  8. changster

    ASR course on critical listening

    Hi I did a search and couldn't find any info. Is there any sort of course outline (basically a course syllabus of some sort) on how to train yourself for critical listening? Any references or links to any online training that is ASR approved or recommended? Thanks!
  9. changster

    NEW PURIFI 8'' MWoofer [PTT8.0X04]

    It's a production pic..
  10. changster

    linkwitz lxmini

    This makes sense too... hmmm... I dunno, maybe I'm wrong. I just know I EQ at the listening position from my measurements to a certain target and it really sounds better, no doubt. I have never tried EQing from a Klippel measurement someone else did.
  11. changster

    linkwitz lxmini

    Yes research suggests flat on axis to your ears, not flat anechoic but then put the speaker in a room where you see dips and peaks and nulls. You EQ at the listening position from your measurements at the listening position. Equal loudness curves (Mundroff) explains why target curves aren’t...
  12. changster

    NEW PURIFI 8'' MWoofer [PTT8.0X04]

    Getting closer…
  13. changster

    Genelec S360 Review (Studio Monitor)

    I don't agree 106db is enough for the sub bass. When you tune to a target curve, depending on taste 20hz should be able to play 6-8db higher than 200hz. So if your benchmark is 106db for midwoofers then the sub should be able to play ~115db at 20hz. But of course if your benchmark is lower SPL...
  14. changster

    linkwitz lxmini

    The point of the EQ is to overcome non-ideal rooms (which is 99.9999% of people) + non ideal speaker responses combined. Why anyone would tune to an anechoic Klippel response baffles me. What you want to tune is the sound that hits your ears in your room. My PEQ settings and shelf filter...
  15. changster

    linkwitz lxmini

    Why are people talking about EQ settings as if they are universal, when everyone’s in room response is different? People should measure their response themselves from the listening position and then set PEQ’s according to their preferred target curve. Anyone ever tune a fully active car...
  16. changster

    linkwitz lxmini

    You listened without the subs and found nothing lacking? Really?
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