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    only objective DAC reviews?
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    Headphones for Gaming/Music

    These are the next step after 990. Easy to find used. The 1990 has too deep treble cuts, and not having them is why the 990 is the better tool practically in a class all its own. The sennheiser without a treble veil or crash is the 800.
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    SACD/DSD: Passive speakers vs Active Studio Monitors for 5.1 multichannel SACD playback.

    Yes, this is is where my research is at. -My rough understanding of the ESS Sabre is the technique they use to create/recover clocking is essentially a conversion to pcm. -That anytime you want apply dsp to a dsd stream, it has to be converted to pcm to be processed. That the dsd stream cannot...
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    SACD/DSD: Passive speakers vs Active Studio Monitors for 5.1 multichannel SACD playback.

    Summary recently gleaned from other members about multichannel and dsd: Spinning a disc to transport limits the opportunity to upconvert from/past dsd 64 or 128. So ripping files is objectively superior. Dsd 256 is beyond saturation for AES/SPDIF! For DSD direct AKM chips are a best choice...
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    Audient id4 for dac/amp?

    Really only sidegrades into other ess implementations even up past 400$ retail in combos/stacks. Cheapest perfect analog volume control is the wonderfully clicky L70.
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    Mobile audio setup recommendations

    High dew point days + body heat/vapor make the iem nozzle filter blocked with droplets. Any moisture left in ear from bathing is too much. Never appreciated how long it takes to dry ear canals/wax. If i wanted to bathe and leave the house with IEMs in, in an hour, or more like now with temps...
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    Mobile audio setup recommendations

    The usb c connectors on dongles wear out fast from the stresses of walking and dramatically accelerate the wear on your phone's critical single port your life practically depends on. IEMs mostly are very sensitive to moisture. Durability should not be expected. Your pixel does not have enough...
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    AES/EBU from DDC to active speakers?

    Want black box product specific dsp? Give up analog volume control. If ye are indeed wed to analog volume control as the geist here is, you want passive monitors, separates, etc. and all dsp correction done by/next to signal source. This is the sheer opposite of consumer product 'elegance'...
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    Blind test listening results by professional audio engineers in the Los Angeles area

    We should expect the null set to be embarassingly imperceptible. Detecting gross and/or fine mimicry of sound isn't handled by our ears. Imagine the 'expense' if it was. Birds should be trained to these experiments. Dogs, mice, etc.
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    How to measure / interpret volume attenuation to neighbors

    Interesting advice gathered here is that it is not necessarily energy delivered to the air which annoys neighbor flats, but the conductiveness of the physical links. So the practical first step is to disconnect woofer cabinets from the room; by suspension, springs, sorbothane, etc.
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    Headphones and speakers with pc setup... amps?

    Meir, you are describing a headphone amp with a preamp like the topping L70. The best AK4493 dacs are beat by the CS43198 now. Look for a 4497 or 4499 implementation if you want to spend more for that actual 'velvet'. ESS on the other hand is forget-about-it transparent.
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    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    My first wave unit is fine. Not much thermal stress to it yet though. Buy a silver unit from the highest volume outlets like shenzhen or audiophonics. Batches without attention payed to the fix sold out at the regular outlets a long time ago. The production runs are not very large and were...
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    Sabaj A20h vs Topping L30 II

    Have used L50 (330mW 300ohm SE) and L70 (236mW) into 990's (with eq). I trip the L70 into protection with low gain but demanding material like a poor source + constant explosions. Tripped the L50 with some rock concerts. I do miss the bit more SE oomph but the ladder volume relay preamp...
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    Is there an Android-free DAP out there?

    Android 14 just released and is supposed to have a new bit perfect API that can now be developed for.
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    DAC Upgrade Advice

    Properly utilizing the Direct DSD mode is the thing to try with the AKM chips. HQplayer is mentioned often for upconverting if you've not much native DSD content to try.
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    What Balanced DAC Should I Get?

    d70 are under 300$ used, and old d90 are under 600$.
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    Is there any objective way to determine whether the Apple dongle is capable of powering a headphone to 100% capability?

    Beyers are generally current eaters. 300-600mW@300ohm is more like it. Topping L tier, but more is better for having ample gain for quieter content. This is if you want to simulate standing around the real amp cabinet, cymbal crash, piano, etc. The cans also need something like the objective EQ...
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    Analysis paralysis and genereal audio component confusion

    Here is a passive studio monitor to think about building around.
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    LF "forgiving" Headphones

    You can't make a sennheiser do treble lift with EQ, you have to buy the 800.
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