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  1. McFly

    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    Was the output impedance of this models preouts mentioned/measured anywhere?
  2. McFly

    Let's stop calling Class D amplifiers "efficient" when they are not.

    Nice Troll thread John :cool: People need to stop talking about Watts (the REAL power we pay for) and start talking about VA (the Apparent Power which is work the poor power station actually does). So many amplifiers have power factors of 0.5-0.7. They may only be consuming 100W, but they are...
  3. McFly

    Dynaudio Heritage Special

    Price wasn't part of the equation. Purely comparing speakers.
  4. McFly

    Dynaudio Heritage Special

    Not bad. But not SOTA either. The 4-5khz peak is textbook edge diffraction. Nasty on axis only. It's a big aesthetic tradeoff. Look at the M105/M106's from revel and the peaks are also there, amongst many many other box, hard-edged front-baffled speakers.
  5. McFly

    World's longest-serving audio DAC and ADC chips

    Interesting list. People say certain DACs are legendary, but if they were, you'd still be able to buy them new today. The AD1856, perhaps therefore truly legendary? Or does it have a use in some medical machines that are being made serviced in 3rd world countries or something?
  6. McFly

    Hypex NC500MP capacitor failure

    This is the second hypex fail I've seen. I think the other was a nc122mp, on here too from memory. If anyone know of any others, please post up. I'm not disagreeing with anyone here, I agree some components are cheap asf. But how many do you think they have sold?
  7. McFly

    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    Thanks for that - interesting, looks like I've got some more linux learning to do. Could be touch and go as I'm not sure how the node will respond to being connected to the Rpi 4 but this should keep me busy for a while..
  8. McFly

    RPi4 + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    Hi mdisimon, thanks for this tutorial. I'd like to give this a try, what extra equipment do you recommend I get to make below work? Currently using a bluesound node > usb to DAC > power amplifier. Only 2.0 in this system. Already have a spare rpi4. What would I need to get either: the USB or...
  9. McFly

    Advice Needed: Can't kill the buzz, but the buzz is killing me.

    And then your vintage amp kills you one day due to a hot wires insulation breaking down and its sitting on the chassis somewhere. /s
  10. McFly

    Minidsp Flex Eight!

    Did you try like this
  11. McFly

    Hum problem solved

    the fug am i looking at here
  12. McFly

    Lightweight/Powerful Speaker for Drone? - Wildlife Use

    I suggest posting over at DIYaudio too
  13. McFly

    New Topping PA5 MKII in the works

    Okay now im starting to think you just a hype man for topping
  14. McFly

    A SINAD of 80 or SINAD of 100 Can You Really Tell The Difference?

    Fixed that for you. As I just demonstrated with my SMPS in class AB amp thread, an 83DB SINAD Amplifier was audible at my listening position, because the sum of its noise (from its power supply) was coming out of the speakers. THD of the amp was down over 105dB. After mods the amp had a...
  15. McFly

    Swapping class AB amp linear supply with a SMPS - incl measurements

    So this hypex SMPS is not to be used with a class AB topology?
  16. McFly

    Swapping class AB amp linear supply with a SMPS - incl measurements

    The hypex output voltage does drop with input, and also drops a bit with heavy load but doesn't drop as much as the big iron did.
  17. McFly

    TOPPING E30II Lite Next Tuesday!

    Gimme your keys man you're staying on the couch tonight
  18. McFly

    Advice Needed: Can't kill the buzz, but the buzz is killing me.

    Sick of these damn manufacturers using 2 pin mains leads ;)
  19. McFly

    KEF R3 Meta - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Nah mate kef aren’t stupid, they use measurements, they wouldn’t sell a new model with inferior measurements I’m pretty certain. It’s more likely as mentioned above that Erin’s data sampling on the earlier model was lower making the graph appear smoother than it is.
  20. McFly

    Advice Needed: Can't kill the buzz, but the buzz is killing me.

    I really doubt its a SMPS. Its massive transformer eddy currents from two unearthed amplifiers making thier way to the only true ground which is on the kefs. You could try ground lift the kefs but it would be against electrical code. Get an earth on the AVR and it should vanish, I had the exact...
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