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  1. Nordling

    Topping A70 Pro HP & Preamp Review

    Hello Ykar, could you please tell us a bit more about the power amplifier you are using? I have just ordered the Topping A70pro and I'm planning to use it primarily as a preamp to my Boxem Arthur 4215/E2 Purifi Eigentakt power amplifier.
  2. Nordling

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Depends on what you use it for. The Topping L70 can also be used as a preamplifier (that's what I use it for). The SMSL SU-9 can only be used as headphone amplifier.
  3. Nordling

    Topping D70 Pro Sabre DAC Review

    I expect very little difference between D70 PRO SABRE and D70 PRO OCTO. Considering the slightly higher THD+N of the Octo, it will also have a slightly lower SINAD. Maybe somewhere between D70 PRO and E70. But we won't hear the difference anyway.
  4. Nordling

    Tice Power Conductor 2 Vintage AC Cable Review

    Thank you for the review @amirm! I see you skipped the 'Listening Tests'...
  5. Nordling

    Best way to listen to radio

    I use the Argon Audio Stream 3. It has FM tuner, DAB/DAB+, Internet Radio and Bluetooth. Output is analog and digital optical Toslink. The device is relatively small and I'm very happy with it.
  6. Nordling

    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    I wonder if that's also the case with the Topping L70.
  7. Nordling

    Does anyone know how to stop the Topping E30 from tuning on automatically everytime it detect a signal

    According to the Topping E30 user manual you can toggle the auto power on/off function via the 'AUTO' button on the remote control:
  8. Nordling

    Sescom SES-BUB-1206 XLR to RCA Converter Review

    I would use the Topping L50 (headphone) preamp for conversion between RCA <> Balanced (TRS). Price has decreased to EUR 170 and I think is a cleaner solution.
  9. Nordling

    Topping E30 II - Noob Questions (ie sources...)

    USB C OTG adapter cable and printer cable is exactly how I connect my phone to my Topping E30 DAC. Sounds a bit cumbersome but in reality it works perfectly.
  10. Nordling

    Amp for B&W 803 D4 - upgrade Emotiva XPA-3 Gen 1 to Mcintosh, Purify or Hypex Ncx500 or Nilai

    Hi Loysius, I see you placed your 803d4s very near to the front wall. That might explain the peak at 40Hz without room correction. Did you consider placing them farther from the front wall? That will change the frequency response without room correction and might improve imaging too.
  11. Nordling

    TOPPING E30II Lite Next Tuesday!

    I just checked and you are right.
  12. Nordling

    Topping A70 Pro HP & Preamp Review

    See page 10 in the user manual.
  13. Nordling

    Topping A70 Pro HP & Preamp Review

    Actually, A70Pro can have both the headphone outputs and preamp outputs active at the same time. It's called 'HPA+PRE output mode'. However there are no seperate volume controls. From the user manual:
  14. Nordling

    Headphone Amp vs Standalone Passive Preamp

    One thing you always have to check is the impedance ratio: - between output impedance of the DAC to the input impedance of the (headphone-)preamp, and - from the (headphone-)preamp to the power amp. That ratio should be 1:8 to 1:10 or higher. I know that the output impedance of a passive preamp...
  15. Nordling

    Topping A70 Pro HP & Preamp Review

    Yes, the Topping A70 Pro is better than the Gustard H16. But I doubt one can hear a difference between the two.
  16. Nordling

    KEF R8 Meta Dolby Atmos Speaker Review

    @amirm by 96 "kHz" you mean 96 "Hz" right :D.
  17. Nordling

    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    Yes, you can choose to output both to XLR and RCA. The screenshot below is taken from the Topping L70 user manual:
  18. Nordling

    Topping RC-22 (how to open)

    According to an Amazon review, Topping nowerdays includes a small hex wrench with the RC-22 remote: hex screws are 1.3mm hex.
  19. Nordling

    music and songs with deep bass

    'Infected' from the album 'Soundtracks Equals Sessions' (2021) by 'Apparat'.
  20. Nordling

    music and songs with deep bass

    'Virta 1' (Current 1) from the album 'Katodivaihe' (Cathodephase)(2007) by 'Pan Sonic'.
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