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  1. Sanlitun

    SMSL SH-9 THX Headphone Amplifier Review

    Of course not one of the reviews of the SH-9 mention that it is hot all the time while plugged in, or any of its other issues.
  2. Sanlitun

    SMSL SH-9 THX Headphone Amplifier Review

    Just picked up one of these out of curiosity. Anyone else find it stays warm when switched off?
  3. Sanlitun

    Sony TA-ZH1ES: A DAC/Headphone Amp with a Sonic Signature?

    Thanks for this because as far as I know there are no publicly available measurements of the TA-ZH1ES posted anywhere, despite it's popularity. As well I would be curious if there is an output level difference between selecting DSD remastering on or off, as it certainly seems like it. I've...
  4. Sanlitun

    Sony TA-ZH1ES: A DAC/Headphone Amp with a Sonic Signature?

    Better with DSD remastering on? This has been my default headphone setup since its release. The Sabre stuff comes and goes but this stays. The sound is reminiscent of the NAD M51 which uses a similar system.
  5. Sanlitun

    $55000 Nordost cables for $60.

    That thread is comedy gold. They know the cables are fake, and someone even took an Odin Gold PC apart and found the shielding is just gold coloured paper. Debating the differences in fake cables…
  6. Sanlitun

    Marantz SACD 30n Measurements (SACD Player, DAC & Streamer)

    Curious how similar this is to the Sony TA-ZH1ES which also upsamples to DSD in a proprietary manner.
  7. Sanlitun

    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Curious about how some of the products from the start of the headphone scene a few years back would measure. - The original Matrix X-Sabre. The ES9018 one with the heavy CNC case. - Questyle CMA 800R amp. This is still my go to amp after all of these years. - Sony TA-ZH1ES. Does all of that...
  8. Sanlitun

    ifi micro iUSB3.0 USB Filter Review

    I made this same point a while back. I have this and use it as a 5v power source. It would have been good to have tested it with a USB powered DAC, or even one that is not galvanically isolated. As well testing/comparing ripple on the DC might have been interesting as well. I use it on a Sony...
  9. Sanlitun

    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    That's a great question and I have no idea how it is done with Sabre DACs or if the SU-9 uses analog volume circuitry. I have two Sabre DACs that allow variable volume and they both have SQ issues when not used with fixed volume. Some DACs like the NAD M51 are actually designed to have the bit...
  10. Sanlitun

    Questyle CMA 800R Good? Not Good?

    This amp was the first thing I bought on Massdrop back when they were actually doing group buys and weren't just a retailer. I hadn't used it in some time as I have gravitated away from dynamic phones and the HD 800S. Recently I had decided to put together a system using a lot of hyped...
  11. Sanlitun

    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    I've had mine for about two weeks now. A fair bit of experimenting with different amplifiers and settings has brought me back to where I had intended to be with the THX 789. My goal was to build a second system using all new and hyped components to stand as a counterpoint to my main system. A...
  12. Sanlitun

    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Anyone have a favorite filter to use with this? I started with Slow Minimum but after a while felt it was too soft and went to the default Fast Linear. After experimenting Slow Linear seems to be the most natural via my amp.
  13. Sanlitun

    Singxer SA-1 Review (Balanced Headphone Amp)

    How does one of these compare to the older Burson Soloist amp?
  14. Sanlitun

    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    I received mine yesterday and I am quite confused about this. Amir says that setting the volume to 94 produces 4v from the balanced outputs. But if I set the output to fixed it defaults to 99 and is certainly louder than variable volume at 94. In fact I felt it was clipping with a THX 789 on...
  15. Sanlitun

    Gustard X16 Balanced MQA DAC Review

    Any thoughts on how this or other similar DACs like SU9 or D90 compare to something older like the NAD M51? I was going to order an X16 but I have hesitated as I am worried I will get it and find it is no better than what I already have.
  16. Sanlitun

    Abyss Diana V2 Review (headphone)

    TLDR These vs. LCD-X? Distortion seems much lower on LCD-X as per their review.
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