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  1. flyzipper

    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    Well, now you do in case you need or want those benefits in the future.
  2. flyzipper

    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    What aspect are you questioning -- multi-sub? It's not needed unless you need/want improved bass distribution among multiple seating locations, increased output and headroom, reduced localization, better integration, flexibility in subwoofer placement, smoother frequency response and reduced...
  3. flyzipper

    Yamaha R-N2000A network receiver

    Received this in a marketing email from Yamaha today... MSRP: $3999.95 US I know it's a "network" receiver, but no balanced inputs at that price? Ouch. No grounded power? Maybe an expert can explain why that's...
  4. flyzipper

    Xbox Series X support for external DACs

    It matters to those of us who game at a desk with a monitor and don't want AV receiver taking up space. Your expectation is understandable, but incorrect -- only devices that have gone through their licensing process work with the Xbox Series X.
  5. flyzipper

    $1000 Dollar Setup, Speaker Recommendations

    What's your source and amplifier? Do you already own an AV Receiver? As much as I like love subs, I'd spend $600-700 on the LCR, and $300-400 on the surrounds, and enjoy that more than a sub in a small apartment. As @Blumlein 88 suggested, you could grab the JBL 306's for the LCR and add a...
  6. flyzipper

    What gear you wouldn't buy because of its name or cult status.

    I thought they were closely adjacent given their use of embedded DACs & headphone amps (which claim to drive high impedance headphones), and make connected speakers & wireless headphones, and have a music streaming service.
  7. flyzipper

    Most aesthetically pleasing amplifiers

    The one I can't see -- I don't like looking at gear.
  8. flyzipper

    Full 40 or 48 GBps HDMI on all ports of upcoming AVR’s?

    HDMI chip vendors like MediaTek now have options to drive full 48Gbps bandwidth (MT9613 and MT9950), so I'd expect it, but have no idea as to timing. LG's 2022 OLEDs are upping the bandwidth to 48Gbps (after dropping to 40Gbps in 2021 from 48Gbps in 2020), so that's also a step in the 48Gbps...
  9. flyzipper

    Outlaw 2200 M-Block Amplifier Review

    Thanks for that -- have been considering a trio of those for LCR home theatre duty, so I'm hoping they aren't horrible.
  10. flyzipper

    Allow outside Emoji's

  11. flyzipper

    How to avoid 53 page Review threads???

    At a high level, I only read the entire thread when it's a product I'm actually considering buying (where the details and gems hidden within lengthy threads potentially matter). Otherwise I read the review and don't dive into the thread because there would be no point. I do enjoy the...
  12. flyzipper

    JTR Noesis 210HT speaker (review by Erin)

    Thanks guys. I'm in a unique situation -- my room is 40' wide, so the speakers are 15' feet from the side-walls, while the middle listening position is 20 feet. So distance is the other variable I'm curious about (affecting time-delay of the reflections, and their amplitude). I've been...
  13. flyzipper

    JTR Noesis 210HT speaker (review by Erin)

    Could someone help with a fundamental understanding of narrow or wide horizontal beamwidth (Erin measured it as narrow in this speaker's case). In a large echoey room, my intuition says a speaker with narrow beamwidth would be less problematic versus one with wide beamwidth (less energy would...
  14. flyzipper

    Desktop "rack"....

    Could do something wall mounted like this, which is designed for a full-width piece of AV gear (think DVD player)... ... it's wide enough to fit head-fi stuff side-by-side on 2 shelves (inside and top).
  15. flyzipper

    Why buy from Apos Audio?

    That's exactly why they exist from many online-only retailers. It removes a point of friction in the buying process (not being able to listen to, or interact with, the product beforehand).
  16. flyzipper

    Minidsp Flex Review (Audio DSP)

    I'm surprised (yet happy) to see the improved performance over the MiniDSP 2x4HD (given they share the same DSP engine -- Analog Devices Fixed point DSP SHARC ADSP21489). Goes to show that implementation matters. Thanks for the review!
  17. flyzipper

    Can A Stand Mounted Speaker Be Considered "High Fidelity?"

    As somebody who always deploys subwoofers, the bass extension of the main speakers isn't the first (or second or third) priority for my main speakers. The next system I assemble will definitly be in a large enough room where full size speakers could be a consideration (still with subs, of...
  18. flyzipper

    Can you hear -0.1db or +0.1 db at 500Hz?

    Your title and description has already tainted your experiment.
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