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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Fosi Audio will be bringing out a loudspeaker amplifier with differential (balanced) inputs and a 12 volt trigger input in December 2023 and one vendor has posted a listing...
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    Audio quality/bitrate - is my old receiver putting out “hifi” quality sound?

    I consider your friend's statement accurate I think so and don't know my maximum. Many years ago, I did perceive a difference between a 1,411 kbps Compact Disc and a 320 kbps MP3. I like my gear to measure well enough to deliver 'most' of the 16-bit/44.1 Kilohertz standard of the Compact Disc
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    Looking for my first pair of good speakers

    Consider a Polk ES50, ES55, or ES60 floor-standing loudspeaker - as fits your budget and the size of your room. I am using a pair of Polk ES60 loudspeakers. I needed a floor-standing loudspeaker and auditioned the ES60 after reading Amir's review of the Polk ES20 standmount/bookshelf...
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    SMSL DL200 the best ever value DAC/AMP?

    I am a sample size of one and my Topping E50 with 105 weeks of ownership has given me no problems. It is my perception the Topping E50 has been reliable for other members of ASR. The Topping E50 is now well into its third year of sales. I believe that qualifies as 'venerable'. I see where...
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    Embracing Simplicity in Audio: Anyone Else Skipping Room Correction, Measurement Microphones, and the Like?

    My analog content has been digitized to a hard drive on a Mac mini. I regard enabling a Dirac Live filter as helping to make for a 'simpler' system.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Douk Audio is selling a Nobsound-branded amplifier based on the TPA3255 chip with a 32 volt 5 ampere power supply to Prime members at Amazon USA for $47.99 with fulfillment by Amazon. The amplifier has a small screen. The listing notes that to use the Bluetooth input, any source connected to...
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    WiiM Amp discussion

    FYI WiM is now selliing the WiiM AMP on Amazon USA for $299.00. 'Currently', I see only a listing for the Space Gray color. Fulfillment is by Amazon.
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    Topping PA5 II Stereo Amplifier Review

    I vote for the Fosi Audio V3 - it may be all you need. Be advised Fosi is developing a similar amplifier with unbalanced RCA inputs and differential (balanced) inputs. It may not cost much more than a V3 and will allow the option of amplifying balanced gear - in case you run into hum from an...
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    Looking for a budget receiver, possibly with arc - any recommendations?

    I suspect a WiiM AMP will provide as much power as your NAD. I am the wrong person to talk about differential (balanced) audio gear. It is a way of designing the gear to virtually eliminate hum from an AC power ground loop. It seems to be of varying importance to ASR members. Amir believes...
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    Looking for a budget receiver, possibly with arc - any recommendations?

    Perhaps. We'll see how the WiiM AMP measures. I am expecting the WiiM AMP to measure well enough such that I would have a hard time distinguishing it from another choice that measures as having lower SINAD - if I had access to double-blind testing. I would pass on the WiiM AMP if I needed...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Aoshida Audio-US is currently showing a listing on Amazon USA for the SMSL C200 with a $66 digital coupon that can be applied at checkout against the list price of $219. Fulfillment is by Amazon. The listing says this item is returnable until January 31, 2024...
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    Looking for a budget receiver, possibly with arc - any recommendations?

    I like the idea of using a WiiM AMP if it has all the functionality you need. I would choose a vendor that makes it easy to return the WiiM AMP because it will be new to the market.
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    home theater in a small room, bookshelf speakers recommendations

    I recommend the Polk ES series in White - using as large a speaker as practical for each location. I am not familiar with the metric equivalent but the small Polk ES10 loudspeaker has a 1/4-20 mounting hole (in addition to a keyhole mount). The Polk ES15 has a keyhole mount. I perceive more...
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    FYI Fosi Audio is bringing a differential (balanced) version of their V3 amplifier to market called the 'ZA3'. The Fosi Audio ZA3 may be an...
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    Ouch. My PA5 is still working and sounds great. I would hold off on purchasing a Topping PA5 II until more time has passed to assess its' reliability.
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    AOSHIDA SMSL C200 Review (DAC & Amp)

    The Qudelix 5K can apply Parametric EQ (PEQ). IF your IEMs can benefit from PEQ and most do, I would recommend the Qudilex 5K for desktop and portable use. I am not certain whether the Qudelix 5K natively supports playback of DSD files.
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    Turn a Mac Mini into a audio and video High Res "Apple TV"

    While the Nvidia Shield has features the Mac mini cannot match, I second the idea of using a Mac mini and a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse or trackpad combination. I have been using a Mac mini as a HTPC in a 2-channel setup since Apple adopted Intel silicon. I use VLC, audio and video steaming...
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    All About UFO's

    FYI - AP News review of book detailing the history of UFO sightings.....
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    Build me an ASR approved system

    Noting your budget maximum of $1,800..... I perceive more clarity when I enable Dirac Live in my system. I would accept the lower measured performance of the Denon AVR-X3800H for the option of applying Dirac Live tailored to my listening space for all the inputs you are using. As I...
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    Build me an ASR approved system Peachtree Audio is currently taking trade-ins on the purchase of their 'Carina' series of integrated amplifiers. They recently listed a 'Nova 150' in their 'Recertified' section of their...
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