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    New Philharmonic BMR HT Towers

    And the BMR HT measurements are superb.
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    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    I didn’t realize you had auditioned the S7t. Being able to compare to the Revels must have been quite interesting! Can you share your impressions (or link to your post about it, I couldn’t find it with a quick search)?
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    KEF R7 End game for most? Or not

    Have you heard KEF R series before?
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    Worst movie ever?

    Well, I just watched Lion King 2, and it may have taken the top spot. Nothing good about it at all.
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    All About Daft Punk

    All about Daft Punk: Homework was good. Everything after that is terrible. :p
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    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    Why are people so upset that the OP hasn't bought speakers yet? It has not bearing on anyone, as far as I can tell, and we get to talk about speakers a lot...
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    Focus - new active Dynaudio speakers

    It seems everybody who looks at these tries the 10 or the 50. Anyone listened to the 30?
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    Buckeye Amps: Hypex NCx500 Official Thread

    I’d argue this is not true. The vast majority of consumers aren’t even aware of ‘audio quality’. They truly dont even know it’s a thing, much less think about it. The same is true of video quality by the way. I worked in the video industry for 20 years, and most normal people simply don’t...
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    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    I’m searching for new speakers right now, and honestly it’s great. I get to spend time listening to both new and favorite music a bunch of speakers, what’s wrong with that? Throw in a little travel with the family and it gets even better. And in all things, having context and something to...
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    Genelec Ones- Overpriced ?

    Price != value/worth. Overpriced simply means that the product does not sell at the set price. Anything else is your subjective take on it. You might say that you can't afford them. You might say you don't want to pay that much. You might say you think Genelec's engineering is shit and...
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    New Meridian active

    Goodness they’re ugly
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    Mobile Fidelity Analog Vinyl Controversy

    so MoFi’s marketing onslaught for its new speakers was not just to distract people and paper over the controversy, but also to raise funds for to pay the settlement. And people seem to be happy to fall for it.
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    Honestly, the title of this thread should be changed, that is clearly (measurably!) not what he wrote.
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin disagrees w Atkinson; says tubes have something that can't be measured

    Correct, he’s not saying there’s a magical force at play, he’s saying some people enjoy the measurable distortions and find it adds to their enjoyment of music.
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    What is an equivalent product to HiFi snake oil?

    It’s not fundamentally political, it’s science vs… ideology.
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    Speakers that are unforgiving of poor-quality recordings - is that a thing?

    As with all subjective things in audio, it depends on what you mean. What is a ‘bad recording’? Is it distorted, thin, muddy, too noisy? Or is the problem not the recording at all, but the arrangement or the mix or even the mastering? If you've a record where the recording itself is...
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    Media player for Mac

    What I like about Roon is that it works. Stability is great, performance is great, functionality is great, UI is great. I haven’t found anything else that checks those boxes. I understand not wanting to pay the premium for it though. After years of dealing with bad player software, I find it...
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