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    KEF Kube 10b, what is wrong with my measurement?

    I have a Kube 10b and it goes plenty low. You say you have the gain at 9-10 o'clock. I have mine around 12-1 - I think that's what KEF recommend as a starting point. Secondly I remember when I began taking tests with REW for the first time I noticed that I didn't seem to have any sub response. I...
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    Does adding a sub to kef R3 reduce the listening fatigue?

    As above really - I think this notion of them being 'too analytical' is more a product of source material and individual taste than anything else. I typically listen to my R3's for about 7-8 hours continuously on Saturday/Sundays - sometimes with a sub, sometimes not depending on content and...
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    Kef r3, arcam sa10 good pairing?

    I'm not too sure of your use-case now as you are talking about 'Home Theatre' use. If that's an important component of your overall listening habits then I would be sorely tempted to first get a subwoofer and then perhaps try to get something like the older Denon X3700. It's a very decent...
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    I assume it's a powered sub? He should have two subwoofer pre-outs on the AVR (to connect to the sub with a single RCA for up to two subwoofers). Connect that to the sub on one of the line level inputs. On the sub put the gain/volume around halfway and any sub crossover setting to maximum. In...
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    Will a different center speaker help?

    I have R3’s and an R2c but have not had the same issues as you – the R2c is a decent 3 way design for a Centre. I notice that you have it set 2-3 inches back on the cabinet and that it is set lower than your mains. I’d bring it forward so that the edge overhangs slightly and perhaps try aiming...
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    What sort of impedance characteristics would cause real concern for a standard 4-16 Ohm rated AVR/amp? And if you have speakers that dip to....say 2 Ohms....then what should you look for if the amp is not declared as unconditionally stable down to 1 Ohm?
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    m33 , and kef r3 what cross over settings i should use?

    He's been 'asked' to take a two week break from posting I think. I'm sure he has all the information he needs if he wants to start making good choices. Selling up and starting again with active monitors would be my choice but I hope he finds something that works for him....
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    m33 , and kef r3 what cross over settings i should use?

    I thought the Naim Muso was too? The OP really liked that. Those happy days are long gone now though.........
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    m33 , and kef r3 what cross over settings i should use?

    That's my evening sorted, thanks mate! In the spirit of solidarity I might use my R3's and play your demo through those 'junky chinese speakers' so I can fully appreciate your struggles. Will you be wanting to sell the NAD now by any chance?
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    m33 , and kef r3 what cross over settings i should use?

    I’m getting slightly concerned now as the OP hasn’t posted for at least ten minutes. I’m worried that he may have just turned everything up to 11 and been instantly concussed. Anyway, fingers crossed. I have R3’s and they’re excellent speakers so I wish the OP the best – I’ve loved these...
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    Bluesound Node (130) vs Wiim mini?

    The Wiim Mini is a fantastic product for the price - there is a separate long thread about it on this site - mainly very favourable and it reviewed well here also:- Connecting to your AVR by toslink would be...
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    I have not tried an external amp no so I can’t say I’ve ever done any A/B testing but ultimately I haven’t ever felt the need – soundstage and detail sound great to me with my R3’s (though having a subwoofer may help there obviously). I have also heard many stories of people being honest enough...
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    My x3700 quite easily drives 5 KEFs with the LCR at 87dB/2.83/1m and a minimum impedance of 3.2 Ohms. And I like it loud. I think your Focals have a higher sensitivity too. You might be surprised what the X3700 can give you on its own…..
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    I have the X3700 and the Sony A80J and I just set the Video Mode to bypass and let the TV do all video processing. The XR processor is one of the best out there and I wouldn't let any AVR try to handle that. And no, in your situation I can't see any use for enabling eARC.
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    Does my streamer need a DAC?

    Your AVR is the last link in the chain - if you can feed it an analogue signal from the DAC AND bypass any internal processing (e.g. room correction - do you have a Pure Direct mode?) then it might make a difference. Otherwise your AVR's DAC will always be doing the final conversion. I'd have my...
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