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    Topping RD3 TP Balanced DAC Review

    I imagine this is almost entirely a product for the home rack. You know, the kind of device an integrator would sell. Except this is more of a DIY device with much lower price than those sold by such companies. If I had a 19" rack for Hifi stuff, I would definitely consider adding this to it...
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    Topping D70 Pro Sabre DAC Review

    I'll gladly buy you a few DACs in trade for a kidney. You want a few of those VU meters from earlier this week too?
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    Arendal 1961 Center/Monitor Speaker Review

    So this is a good example of what a $500-ish center with an MTM configuration can do. Can we get something like a DALI Opticon Vokal MK2 to see what that performs like? Three-way center that's a little more expensive, but also not in an MTM configuration. I don't know if there's other examples...
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    It's a shame to see a regression here, especially at a much-increased pricepoint. I did have plans to replace my Marantz SR7010, mostly for compatibility reasons with new HDMI features. But if it's not even going to have better performance, it feels pretty bad to spend more than what I spent on...
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    cable length influence for balanced signals

    There is a certain minimum price for making a 'balanced' cable from a materials and labour standpoint. But spending more money will not get you any amount of better sound quality. You might want better connectors (Neutrik for example) for reliability, or a nicer sleeve or even braid to make the...
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    10 Best Electrostatic Headphones in 2022

    These 'articles' are written by bots to farm adsense and clickthrough money. No human was used in the creation of this page. Which I guess is... good, in a way. At least they're not stupid, only malicious.
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    So I spent quite some time listening to the Expanse at a shop today. For comparison, I brought my HD800S, EQ'd with my ADI-2. Here are a few thoughts: These things are very power-hungry. I don't see how a dongle could power them at decent volume, and didn't have the adapters to try. My ADI-2...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Let's see... Hifiman HE300. This has to be the worst pair of headphones I legitimately bought expecting something decent. It does not produce music. It just produces bass. Lots and lots of it. Hifiman HE560 I learned nothing apparently. These are... less awful. They're not super comfortable...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    The biggest thing I have against closed-back headphones for home use is that I often have talks or meetings during the day, or Discord calls in the evening for gaming, and I'd like to use these for all of that. But closed-back makes it so I sound weird to myself, which I am not a fan of...
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    Comparison between AEON 2 Closed and Senheiser HD600

    Well if you feel like your spending with the Aeon 2 is too much, then definitely return them. (if you can) These things are utter luxury objects, so it's all about how you feel about them. If you want to experience a similar sound, consider picking op the Drop Closed X version. They'll be very...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    I don't really like traditional IEMs these days (Airpods Pros are enough for light stuff around the house), but for this kind of price I might as well get them and have them for when I do need something hyper-portable that still sounds great. The IEM market seems completely insane though, even...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    @Dan Clark I know how difficult this question can be to answer, since it's comparing two babies: Voce vs Expanse - what are in your opinion the differences between them? What does one do better than the other? I'll eschew from asking which you prefer, just want to know where they differ...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    In some ways the Stealth is more impressive, I agree. But from a practical use case standpoint an open-backed is so much more comfortable in my opinion. I tried wearing my Aeon Noire at home and while it was comfortable, there is just a sense of closed off-ness that I do not like. It's also way...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    I might sell my HD800, SR-007 and a few lesser 'phones for this, honestly. What's the point of having other ones when you can have performance like this? :)
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    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 Balance Headphone Amp: New Champ?

    If it gets loud enough, you should be good. From what I can gather it seems like the balanced output van deliver quite a bit more power regardless of input voltage (though I only took a cursory glace at the data...), so if you can find a reasonably priced cable to go with the balanced output it...
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    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 Balance Headphone Amp: New Champ?

    It's an amplifier. It amplifies a signal. It delivers (as little as possible) noise and distortion, and (as much as possible) power. It has features like connectors and volume control or a gain selector. It doesn't have a 'sound'. It has a frequency response which is, as any half-decent...
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    HD 800 vs HD 800s

    Assuming this is re: the cable, it does not. All I did was run the right side up to the headband by the back of the left earpad, across the headband and down the other side the same way. It's not super pretty, and I just hold it with some fabric cable ties, but it's convenient and comfy. In...
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    HD 800 vs HD 800s

    I will also warn about the supplied cable. Not only is it bulky, it's also prone to physically creaking at the post-split parts. I got a cable made by Hart Audio (in my case a custom one that turns the HD800S into a single-sided 'phone), and it's way thinner and more flexible. Might feel less...
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    Measurements of RME ADI-2 DAC and Headphone Amp

    Thank you both for the detailed answers! The fact it will change the settings when you change outputs has a lot of potential. The MiniDSP Flex Eight is another contender, boasting more raw outputs, especially since you can't split the line-outs. But it doesn't have a built-in state-of-the-art...
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    Minidsp Flex Review (Audio DSP)

    That is what I was thinking of :) I have a Stax amp, a dynamic/planar amp and my speakers. I could even consider settng up a separate sub-output, though currently my AV receiver is handling that. Interesting idea :)
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