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    New member upgrade recommendation.

    I just figured that subs may have improved in the last15 years. Given that most of our listening is movies I figured the center and sub are the most important components. I wish had space for a second sub. Too much clutter.
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    New member upgrade recommendation.

    HiAll. I'm new to the site. What a great resource. I'm looking for some recommendations. I currently have a Pioneer VSX-LX503, a 15-year-old SVS PB10, and 3 Chane 2.1 speakers. My room is 11x22 with a peaked 8' ceiling. The room doesn't lend itself to being wired for height speakers. Most of our...
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    Audiophile jewelry - most beautiful Cd players, turntables and other gear

    I had one in the '80s. It always put a smile on my face.
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    What is it about McIntosh?

    I sold McIntosh for about 30 years starting in 1969. I can't tell you how many customers would say"my dad always had McIntosh, now I can afford it" It had nothing to do with performance or any other normal buying criteria. The same thing with Klipsch.
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