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  1. Nuyes

    KEF R6 meta Measurements and Review

    ...Response It's pretty flat except for some of the HF above 10 kHz. The bass extension is 70.7 Hz (-6 dB) with -14dB/oct slope. Nearfield Measurements Directivity Overall, it's a very smooth and well-controlled Directivity. Beamwidth Narrowest around 5 kHz. However, this is...
  2. Nuyes

    Genelec 8330A Measurements. (Is the issue resolved?)

    ...Each SPL. Compression test (with Multitone) Compression test (with Sine sweep) Since I use nearfield measurement, the grilles on this speaker prevented me from getting close enough to the woofer. Therefore, LF is different from the NFS data measured by @amirm...
  3. Nuyes

    KEF Reference 2 meta Measurements and Review.

    ...roll-off falls on a gentle slope of about -14 dB/oct. Thanks to the gentle slope, we can expect a beneficial room gain. Nearfield Measurements Directivity As is typical of KEF, it has fantastic directivity controls. The horizontally placed units make it difficult to...
  4. Nuyes

    Edifier MR4 measurements (It's probably been upgraded.)

    ...speaker tended to be similar to what @amirm had measured. Anyway. In the Korean audio community where I'm active, the MR4's popularity...
  5. Nuyes

    ELAC BS314 measurements.

    This is ELAC BS314 Bookshelf speaker. Impedance. Frequency response. 53.6hz(-6dB, average 100hz~10khz). Soft balance. Directivity. The horizontal directivity looks unique. Beamwidth...
  6. Nuyes

    Kali audio IN-8 V2 measurements

    ...It seems to have been significantly spent on product design and enclosure design. The Harmonic distortions. In the 95dB SPL measurement data, there was data that was outside the existing specifications, so we modified it and added it. In addition, we found unusual things in both...
  7. Nuyes

    KEF R3 meta Measurements

    ...has a similar LF roll-off to its predecessor. Here's a comparison of 'ported vs sealed' responses. (This was done with nearfiled measurements, with baffle step compensation applied). Directivity Wow. That's really cool. I'm noticing a huge improvement in the 15~20k...
  8. Nuyes

    Genelec 8361A Measurements and Multitone comparison with other speakers.

    ...comparison data with other loudspeakers, so I hope enjoy it. Frequency response This is 3-way loudspeaker. I'm using near-field measurement(LF) and window gating(5ms, 1m distance) to get a frequency response, so I can't measure perfectly(of this design). Therefore, I hope you enjoy...
  9. Nuyes

    KEF LS50W II measurements

    ...Also, considering the use of the subwoofer, I put restrictions on the signal below 80hz and measured it again.(This measurement is inspired by Erin.) It's a little bit less, but it's the same tendency. And I overlapped these two data. Given...
  10. Nuyes

    Eltax Monitor III MK2 / measurements and review

    This is a measurement and review of the Elax Monitor III MK2. Here we go. I measure and review speakers using DIY turntable, Earthworks M30 mic, and Klippel Distortion Analyzer 2. First, the impedance response. It was measured at 0.1V and 2.83V, respectively. Next, SPL/FR and...
  11. Nuyes

    PSB Imagine XB measurements

    ...the amount of multitone distortion is high. The distortion of the 96dB SPL is almost close to the test tone of 76dB SPL. The compression test Finally, the difference in frequency response due to the presence or absence of a front grille. I hope you enjoyed the measurement data.
  12. Nuyes

    I measured the deviation of 6 Earthworks microphones.

    ...hold them together fairly. I am fully aware of how fatal the interference of the initial reflection sound is in loudspeaker/microphone measurements. But to proceed with a measurement with one microphone stand, I need to be able to cross a total of six microphones 'completely' into the same...
  13. Nuyes

    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    ...Currently, I am using Klippel Distortion Analyzer 2, Earthworks M30 mic, and a DIYed turntable to measure directivity(quasi-anechoic measurement) and nonlinear distortion for my reviews. I’ve recently reviewed March Audio Sointuva WG and I’d like to report some problems I...
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