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    FS: New Purifi EVAL1 Amplifier **ON HOLD**

    does it have a soft power on circuit on it to prevent "popping"?
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    Sonos PLAYBAR with Wall Mount Excellent Condition

    $220 + actual shipping. Excellent condition from non-smoking, no-pets household. Comes with everything that you need to get it connected, mounted and running in no time. Zero issues with it. Sounds fantastic. I will take the sound of Playbar any day over Arc. Playbar is more musical, more...
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    I am not seeing a setting in moOde Player to shut off USB power when music stops playing. I am talking to the moOde developer but I doubt they can implement that.
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    I have tested on Shield, PC and E70V does not sleep, period. Basically there is no scenario that I found when E70V would sleep, only when I completely shut down the PC or Shield, only then DAC sleeps, which makes it useless for my use case (I was trying to use it as preamp to control the power...
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    My benchmark was modest JDS Labs Atom+. I had Atom+ connected to the same USB cable before I bought E70V and it would sleep in exactly 60 mins after the RPI moOde stops playback. I assumed that it is normal behavior for all USB DACs. E70V sleeps on OPT and COAX when you stop the playback, just...
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    Calling on experts, I have received E70 Velvet today and connected it to the RPI4 with moOde player streaming to it. I checked that the Power Management mode is set to A-1 which should be sleep when no signal is present, however, DAC does not sleep even after 60 mins with no music streamed to...
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    Best remote control?

    URC Remotes are still in business and if you are comfortable to learn their programming software it very very powerful, URC Automation | Think Beyond Everyday
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    Best remote control?

    Logitech still does maintain the database, but hardware is getting harder to buy new or even used but you can get 650 remotes for $15-20 on different sites. I just bought two to keep me running for a while.
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    Best remote control?

    Yes this is the one. Seems like the right mix of functionality now that Harmony is cancelled.
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    Genelec 8030c or KEF LSX-II

    On KEF II there was more hiss (with no music playing) than on Genelecs within 3 feet distance. Of course both are active and both hiss, but somehow KEF II was more prominent.
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    Best remote control?

    Flirc is coming with an interesting remote, not checking all your boxes but good idea to see if you cross with other remotes.
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    Best value streamer with no DAC

    I am listening to $99 JDS Labs Atom+ connected to RPi 4 with moOde on it, Chet Baker in 16-44 Redbook and it is phenomenal on my modest Philharmonic AA++. RPi 4 is an outstanding value, Adafruit drops them 1-2 times a week, so you can buy for a reasonable $50, they do overcharge for shipping but...
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    Budget Dac between US$200 to 250

    JDS Labs offer great DACs for your budget with Balanced option. I am very sensitive to "cold" sound, JDS Labs from the days of $50 DACs not once were deemed as bright or cold, they are neutral to my ears. I absolutely not trying to start another thread about all DAC sounds the same, just sharing...
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    I do agree, measurements support that we shall not be hearing difference, it is all psychoacoustics.
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    I have to agree with you. Scientifically speaking DACs should sound the same but our brains play tricks and we hear different genre of music differently on different DAC, @CALCULATOR and I share the same feel. JDS Labs DAC that is Saber-based is not forgiving to metal and rock but with good...
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    upnp control point plugin for moode?

    Has anyone measured performance of the RPI4 doing streaming via standard moOde interface vs. using moOde as DLNA renderer? Any difference especially with DSD files?
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    Topping E70 Stereo DAC Review

    What content are you testing with, I am finding that jazz and classical music is one test but Armstrong/Fitzerald voices are a very different test. Diana Krall sounds the same on any device.
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    Apple HomePod Original Gen 1 Smart Speaker Factory Sealed - Grey A1639 (MQHW2LL/A)

    $290 + shipping, Venmo or PayPal F&F. Never opened brand new factory sealed Original HomePod in Dark Grey color. Both factory double-boxes are included. Do not be mistaken these are impossible to find in brand new condition. Apple went all in and did not cut corners on the Gen 1 Original...
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