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    Topping A70 Pro HP & Preamp Review

    is this using the famous TPA6120 again???
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    Serious, yet enjoyable Western canon literature

    bloom got a book for your title
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    Handling a complex load by power amplifiers

    how far the measurements can prove your theory thoroughly?
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    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    hire some legs, usually, need no more than 5 guys
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    Topping PA7 Plus Amplifier Review

    it's fine, fool once or fool twice it doesn't mattet, as long as being fanboy-ish
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    What makes a High-End Amp Better Than a Sub-$500 Chinese Amp?

    the mobo output done excellent job on this, any external box no matter what price is it, is strictly
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    Topping PA7 Plus Amplifier Review

    no one wanna get some no brainers instead of sticking to potential failing or falling apart products despite labeled as new, no move on or hard pass?
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    Topping PA7 Plus Amplifier Review

    $500 for this one is somewhat a bad joke, we'd afraid
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    Topping PA7 Plus Amplifier Review

    some much worse than la90
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    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    Toku sensei is very experienced, i think he got his point
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    Stream or own?

    enough money to buy hard drives?
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    Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Amplifier Review

    what exactly does Fosi mean, Foxy? @Fosi Audio
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    Topping estats amp EHA5 (details updated)

    some cracked down to do some teardown already, no need to do extra work @kevin gilmore
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    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    topping famous for fail rates now? 10%?
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    How Dangerous is AI?

    tell you what, there're no real people here, we are all AI
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    M-Audio BX8 D3 Monitor Review

    as bad as it could be, D1, 2, 3 are all that bad, some measured the previous gens
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    New Sony MDR-MV1 - Professional Open Back Headphones

    looks no good, no more than $20, better go check the bin stores
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    Revel C208 or C205 for my specific room size.. Help!

    you need speaker in the red room, agent cooper?
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