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    AKM top chip Hump?

    Nope. But (to me) it was worth finding an old windows pc for this. ;)
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    SMSL D400EX DAC Review

    There seems to be a solution from SMSL for the IMD hump on our D400EX. I tried it and sounds great! V1.01 2023-3-23 Firmware release notes: 1. Solve the problem of non-linear curve during 48kHz IMD testing! 2. Improve performance! (use at own risk!)...
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    AKM top chip Hump?

    Someone from SMSL have send me a new firmware to fix the IMD problem of our D400EX. I have no equipment to measure but it seems to sound fine and a little less harsch. Maybe someone here can do another measurement? Flashing worked fine (different method than usb firmware). Use at own risk!
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    SMSL D400ES and SMSL D400Ex

    I hear you, but as long as i only have to wait a couple of hours for a solution I'm ok with it. But i only received my d400ex just 48hours ago. Can we call this agile software development? ;) To me it's still worth the upgrade from the d70s
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    SMSL D400ES and SMSL D400Ex

    I also had an volume problem with my new d400ex. (Very low volume) Only when playing USB PCM. This was not the case with BT or USB DSD (dop). After sending 1 email to hifi express.. got a direct reply from hifi express with a firmware update (from 3.11 out of the box) to 3.12. Now the volume...
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    Topping D50s Bluetooth volume control

    I'm using my topping d70s in my setup. When I don't want to use the my picore Qobuz LMS plugin for finding new music.. I sometimes use a Bluetooth connection with the android Qobuz App. Then to control the volume I use this Samsung galaxy android app 'SoundAssistent' to control the per app...
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