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    Why the dislike of external power supplies?

    Because if your amplifier is really good it should be really fast and produce big currents in transients because the musical signal is not a single pure sinusoidal and a load (loudspeaker) is far away from a pure resistive. If you need something fast with big current spikes at output it's always...
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    Amir's 2023 Pacific Audio Fest Report Continued

    Wow, in this despondency there is still room for bright ideas. PureAudioProject is really cool. "Configurable open baffle speaker" is a kind of a really bright idea. Very good.
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    Is there easy way to measure speaker impedance

    The audio market is too small for R&S, this is a segment where a few specialized companies will remain, simply because there are enough of them in this segment. I think so.
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    Is there easy way to measure speaker impedance

    I'm not even going to argue here. It's just that in my practice I'm used to understanding well why measurements are taken and what exactly is measured, because these determine the method of measurement. In the case of "impedance measurements" (to be precise, we are talking about impedance...
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    Is there easy way to measure speaker impedance

    By the way, there are almost all of the above units except for the: shunt voltage drop amplifier is avoided and a shunt with the too big resistance is used instead (simply because such the instrumentation amplifier is far from trivial here, especially when it comes to a wide range of amplifier...
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    Is there easy way to measure speaker impedance

    There are probably miracles in this world, but if they happened, then such a good company as Audio Precision would have gone bankrupt long ago. But this doesn’t happen to them for some reason I don’t understand, especially considering the specifics of their equipment and the very small market...
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    Is there easy way to measure speaker impedance

    I'll be honest with you, I don't know. But here's what I know as a longtime non-audio electronics designer: Measuring of impedances is the classic "hard" problem in electronics, it was, it is, and it always will be. You need two good fast synchronous measurement ADCs to measure both current...
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    Cheap DAC chips

    You are absolutely right. It is necessary to increase in every possible way the already highest scientific level.
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    Cheap DAC chips

    I forgot one "terrible secret". I'm sorry. Any really good designed DAC based on the high quality DAC IC or chipset is required to have galvanically isolated USB input. Will it improve the sound? In general, no. Will this avoid power problems, such as noise on the ground plane due to return...
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    Cheap DAC chips

    "they're mostly designed to be cheap and based on DAC chip reference designs" Are you saying that external DACs are not made based on reference designs of DAC chips? I'm very interested.
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    Cheap DAC chips

    Raspi is a good small machine but it never was designed for audio applications. It has a lot of issues with the powering (historically), the power subsystem (if it can be called a subsystem at all) has always worked to the limit, PCB was traced for non-audio specific requirements (only God knows...
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    TOPPING E30II Lite Next Tuesday!

    Well, here we will find out how the lineups are formed in this new beautiful world. If you change the DAC, it will be a different model. You can just leave one DAC in its normal stereo mode, but in this case, you need to somehow show those who bought the version with two DACs in mono mode that...
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    If "Tube Sound" Is a Myth, Why Tubes?

    "Tube sound" term is based on some historical-engineering facts. But first you need to understand what is meant by this term. And here we have the bad news because there is no common understanding of the term. For example, I understand the term "tube sound" as the familiar (to me) sound of a...
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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    It's unbelievable but it's true: And all measurements are in the datasheet and it is difficult to say what else can be measured. Well, OK, measurements of different...
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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    They are all exactly the same because this chip is a functionally complete amplifier. You can use input buffers in a circuit with it, you can not use it because the input impedance (20K) and maximum input voltage (7V) are de facto standard because TI is very good at designing microcircuits and...
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    Can RPi4 based player benefit sonically with an improved PSU??

    That is, someone seriously powered the entire raspberry from different sources, while a little confused the battery with a power bank, and science received new invaluable data. Well, it happens.
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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    Yet another dull $10 (manufacturing cost) box. Yet another dull TPA3255, there are thousands PCBs based on this IC on alibaba and elsewhere. Yet another "sudden event" of counterfeited components. And there are not a single idea, not a single thought, not a single glimpse of novelty, only the...
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    EQ'ing to Harman curve doesn't give me pleasing results - why not?

    There is a simple practice-tested rule in engineering - the real semantics of the "may improve" expression in the general case does not coincide with the meaning of the word "improvement" at all.
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    An antidote to snake oil

    Of course, I understand everything, but why connect subwoofers to the amplifier with a coaxial RF cable? This is not prohibited, just as the use of a regular cable is not prohibited, just as the use of a fashionable exotic fabulously expensive cable is not prohibited. But why RF-frequency 75...
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    Saving you a lot of money

    Everything in life is so arranged that you have to be old and wise in order to allow yourself to talk about platitudes that no one thinks about before an old age (wisdom does not always come with old age, alas). Everything is correct and obvious. Except one. For truly passionate people, saving...
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