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    Ask me questions.

    That was a reply to what dartinbout said: Mr. Yang, Thank you for answering our myriad questions. I have but one request. Your remote controls put out a weak IR signal and are highly directional. My extensive Topping stack, sits across the room from my main listening...
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    Sabaj A30a announced

    I just got an A30a during Prime days. What's the first thing(s) I should do besides hooking everything up and NOT reading the manual? Subwoofer integration will be soon. I already have decent speaker wire, interconnects, etc.
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    Ask me questions.

    I will NEVER buy another Topping product that has a remote. I bought a TOPPING E70 Velvet DAC and the remote absolutely sucks! My old SABAJ D5's remote works great. Also, the D5 actually sounds much better than the E70V too. I did a clean swap to the E70V and it sounds cold/lifeless compared to...
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    Hivi 3.1A DIY Speaker With Sehlin Mod Review

    What are the differences between the current "DIY 3" and the previously offered "DIIY 3.1a" kits in addition to what I've pasted below? Component values of the crossover changed following the "Perfectionist" alignment. All crossover components glued to the board to reduce vibration. The...
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    Sabaj A30a announced

    I've got an A30a coming tomorrow. Just hope I made the right decision and I get a new one, not some repacked or used unit. Has anyone bought one recently and did it have the latest firmware?
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    Beer thread, what you drinkin..

    Say Goodbye..... Oldest Craft Brewery in the U.S. Is Shutting Down
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    I just ordered a HiVi-Swans DIY 3 (NOT 3.1a) speaker kit @ the Prime Day price of $271.99, which is supposedly 20% off. Apparently the kit has been revised to include the Sehlin Perfectionist Crossover mod parts. There's only a dozen left at the time of this post. Additions and Changes Make...
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    Beer thread, what you drinkin..

    I luv their can with the airtight screw-on cap.
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    subwoofers with dual opposed drivers

    That's quite an interesting thread about those SA-WX900 mods you posted here a while back:
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    subwoofers with dual opposed drivers

    I used to have a Sony SA-WX700. Sadly it was a victim of bad capacitors on the plate amplifier. I believe it's design was of the "Perlisten Push/Pull" variety. I also remember it was a window rattler and house shaker before it gave up the ghost.
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    RIP Alan Arkin

    He was certainly one of the most versatile character actors in cinematic history. I'm sure many people didn't know he was in the folk music band "The Tarriers" as their lead singer when they scored their only hit "The Banana Boat Song" back in 1956.
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    RIP Alan Arkin

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    There went the last lingering threat of my respect for this outfit…

    Is this basically the same cord?
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    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    Toids DIY Audio
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    Fosi Audio BT20A Pro - Opinions and Comparisons

    I just ordered one with their 48V power supply from AliEx and found a pair of genuine BB OPA2134PA's from Amazon for rolling. Has anyone here done similar upgrades with theirs? I plan on hooking up a pair of JBL Stage A130's and maybe a small sub to round things out.
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    Black Dog (cover)

    This YouTube upload is a couple of years old but apparently went viral on TikTok recently. Forgive me if somebody previously posted it on ASR.
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    Nordost Blue Heaven AC Cord Review

    If someone needs a quality 12 AWG power cable and isn't obsessed with "snake-oil" hype and audiophile semantics you can purchase this. I've only seen it in a 10' length. $31.98 on the 'zon w/Prime and I believe it has a 5 year warranty too.
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    Nordost Blue Heaven AC Cord Review

    I'm torn between this cord and GR Research's B24! :facepalm:
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    Infinity Reference 253 Review (speaker)

    I finally got around to hooking them up tonight. They arrived in good shape and literally look/sound like new. Bass performance is quite impressive and when I turn on my sub it's like alrighty then, this is the way lows are suppose to sound! I needed to tame their highs a little but after that I...
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