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    ChatGPT to calculate DIY speakers

    From my perspective ChatGPT is just like having a keen junior (in my case programmer) on my team. The scenario is just the same I have given an outline spec to new starters, they have come back with something that they copied but didn't understand that was vaguely related to the question in...
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    ChatGPT to calculate DIY speakers

    Hi if I may chime in. I have been using ChatGPT for a while as a coding assistant, and it is clearly much more than a predictive text analyser. As an example I wanted to generate an impulse response from a set of filter co-efficients and also out Google's Bard and Amazon's code whisperer. (Best...
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    Mixing and matching 3" or 4" desktop speakers with small subwoofers.

    I use iLoud micro monitor with Fostex sub-mini and this fills in the bass nicely. The Ilouds are on mini microphone stands to raise the tweeter to ear level and this reduces the output some. I think any decent small sub would pair well with these.
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    Brief description (with pictures) of my Touchscreen Pi based PicorePlayer streamer...

    If you are technically minded it is not that tricky to install 64 bit CamillaDSP. NB for the LMS plugin I had to abandon using CamillaDSP and have implemented PEQ via a plugin that wraps SoX instead. CamillaDSP was much easier to configure, but is really designed to integrated at Operating...
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    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    Question: Could ChatGPT replace HIFI reviewers? Answer: While ChatGPT is a sophisticated language model capable of processing and generating text on a wide range of topics, it is not a substitute for human Hi-Fi reviewers. Human Hi-Fi reviewers bring a unique perspective to the task of...
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    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    Well speaking as someone who has worked in software development for 30 + years, I wouldn't be that concerned. Back when I started there was a "Not invented here" syndrome where developers would write everything from scratch including database systems, User interface frameworks, file handlers and...
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    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    I have had a deeper look at the code generated via ChatGPT. It's not that great, I would say average junior programmer. For example I asked for a function to convert from a logarithmic to linear scale and the log values were calculated initially as variables and then these variables were not...
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    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    On a more serious note I read that engineers are being hired to write and annotate this sort of code. But it sounds like that the interview process may be being abused, i.e. as part of the interview process, the engineers are being asked to write and annotate code examples - which obviously can...
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    Could ChatGPT Replace Audio Writers?

    Just tried ChatBot - hoping it can take away the drudge work of writing simple code. This worked fine - guess I am going to get real lazy!
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    BK Electronic subwoofer - any experience?

    NB this is for music not HT, so I amonly using front speakers and they are an Opera SP3 a very limited run and I don't have the spec sheet. they have 2 6.5 inch scan-speak drivers from memory one is mid-bass and the other is a bass driver. I can easily get 100 db at listening position, and...
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    BK Electronic subwoofer - any experience?

    I am thinking of buying a BK Electronics subwoofer. BK are a UK based manufacturer, which is a plus for me and seem to be a respected brand, and the on-paper price performance looks great. I am probably going to get a 10 inch one to complement my main speakers, and I would like the smallest sub...
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    Can I EQ over DSP?

    Well that's what I do. Room correct to flat and then apply EQ to preference. That way I can use the same preference setups for difference speakers. I am no expert on the acoustic side of things, but the effect of bass reduction would depend upon the frequency it is applied to, the source...
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    Cavern QuickEQ - Basic How to

    Hi VoidX, so you are the creator of Cavern? Great piece of software!
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    Sabaj A20d 2022 Version Owners Feedback

    I placed an order for the Sabaj on 17th Jun with Hifi-express and got it today 28th Jun. Price paid was 397 USD. I chose the option to ship from UK and it came via Royal Mail. So far I haven't had to pay any extras but I got stung before so will update if this changes. I got this because I...
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    Digital audio quality of modern Android Devices via USB-output from hi-res sources?

    This document explains Android capabilities w.r.t. Audio. If you scroll further down it explains what the USB subsystem supports. (i.e. USB output may not match the levels that the Android OS supports)...
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    Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator Review (Phono Preamp)

    I had one of the early gram amp 2 it came in a plastic case for about half this price. I never really liked it as the sound signature was off, everything sounded like 80's pop - all tizz and no boom. I have one record that I digitised with it and it is BRIGHT. Interesting to see that the...
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    Logitech Media Server etc...

    Out of interest were you using the 32 bit or 64 bit version of picoreplayer. I just checked my install and it is for 32 bit as that is what I have setup. I don't think the operating system has a 32 bit sub-system like windows. So if you are using 64 bit then that may explain why the install...
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    Cavern QuickEQ - Basic How to

    I assumed that I needed to when mixing two mono channels. Happy to be corrected as it is one less step.
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    Cavern QuickEQ - Basic How to

    For those of you who want to do room correction measurements, but find the software too confusing or expensive I thought I would post a quick guide to using Cavern EQ which is available at the great price of FREE!. I have been using various different measurement mics and software for a while...
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