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    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    Almost certainly not. A DC blocker helps with DC, and DC doesn't magically appear or disappear when playing music or after having your system on for a certain amount of time. It may come and go on the line but would do so independently of what you do with your music (do you play with crappy...
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    Orei HDA-939 HDMI Audio Extractor Review

    This is probably the one product where it's absolutely not an issue. People using this won't be playing low dynamic range poorly mastered CD content. I'd be rather surprised if the DAC ever sees a 0dbFS signal other than an explosion or gunshot in an action film, or an obnoxious advert. ;)
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    Dutch & Dutch 8C - Firmware V2.2 (Spotify Connect)

    Yeah I did recall the Stereophile review. I often hold it up as an example of the poor journalistic integrity of Stereophile (they published a known faulty graph on page 2 of the review which is just poor form especially considering they mentioned they found the issue and re-measured in the same...
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    Dutch & Dutch 8C - Firmware V2.2 (Spotify Connect)

    Correct there is no way to bypass their analoge to digital conversion, but this is not restrictive. I'd argue this is the future of audio. In the digital domain you can do all sorts of amazing filtering both to suit speaker design (perfect digital crossovers, perfect time alignment, tweak driver...
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    Dutch & Dutch 8C - Firmware V2.2 (Spotify Connect)

    I think you'll find upstream chains vary greatly with what people listen to. Personally I use them with my own home made DAC/Pre, but that's only because I also use a turntable sometimes. If I were just listening to streaming / TV I'd probably aim for something all digital. Currently the biggest...
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    Dutch & Dutch 8C - Firmware V2.2 (Spotify Connect)

    A misunderstanding on my part. I was told at some point that Roon ready devices act as a Spotify endpoint, but a quick google shows it's only Tidal and Qobuz.
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    What's the speaker of your dreams?

    I think I can dream about many things that exist but I can't have.
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    Dutch & Dutch 8C - Firmware V2.2 (Spotify Connect)

    This was an incredible Christmas present. Some bugs in the new app, but otherwise it's great to be able to stream Spotify directly without having to pay for Roon. EDIT: No bugs in the app, design choices that were slightly unexpected but I've heard will be tweaked in future releases.
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    Dutch & Dutch office & factory tour and listening session (with many pics)

    No. Not only is it unconscionable to do that these days but these speakers don't really have a standby either, at best a wake on lan function, and would consume more power than leading all the lights on my house on. I have a remote controlled power board. Speakers take about 35 seconds to boot...
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    Audioquest GO-4 Speaker Cable Review

    Of course we have, but then some cable company will come out and tout how much better their cable is than all the others due to the development of a proprietary graphene lattice confabulator which reorients the wavephase to further reduce audio distortion and elevate the listening experience...
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    PS Audio Ultimate Outlet Review

    Well shit I'll eat some humble pie then. I'm at a loss though. I already had the lowest opinion of PS Audio... now what do I do? Rescale expectations of everything else in my life just so I can put them lower. :eek::eek::eek:
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    PS Audio Ultimate Outlet Review He even recommended it. But let's consider that one an outlier in a long list of overpriced crap products.
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    PS Audio Ultimate Outlet Review

    Can you post a picture of the inside of the unit? I'm willing to bet you wouldn't have gotten an electric shock. You're almost certainly measuring leakage which is present on many devices, especially those with SMPSes. E.g. My Surface Laptop measures mains voltage directly on the outside of the...
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    CHORD Hugo TT2 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    I'd appreciate it more if they knew the difference between 50ohm and 75ohm BNC connectors and would ship the correct ones on a product of that price. Does it make a performance difference? No. Does it smell of overly expensive incompetence? Absolutely.
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    Is Digital Audio Transmission Analog? [video]

    USB works more like balanced audio. At those speeds you need differential signalling to make any kind of sense of the signal arriving at the other end or it looks like noisy garbage. But it does. Voltage swing that drives a little LED which swings in brightness read by a light dependent...
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    If you come to me and ask me to create an upscaler for you, and I do, and it upscales (as in this case) it's not fraud. The device does work. It upscales. If you come to me and say "I need you to make me something that improves sound" and I provide an upscaler it *is* fraud. Fraud is only...
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    Fraud is the wrong word. Someone produces something that customers want to buy. Whether or not it makes a difference is a problem for the person who requested it. Upscalers are a legit thing, and while it may not perform well that doesn't make it fraud. Additionally cost is related to economies...
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    CHORD M-Scaler Review (Upsampler)

    19 pages of replies and no one noticed that for $5500 they put the wrong BNC connectors on the back? They are 50ohm connectors. The S/PDIF spec calls for 75ohm termination. I know it doesn't make a practical difference contributing at most a couple of ps to jitter, but for $5500 I expect at...
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    Testing Open Power Cord interference in Interconnect Cables (video)

    At university in Electronics 101 you learn Ohms Law and Kirchhoff's Current Law and instantly know that an open power cord can't generate or accept interference. In Electronics 102 you learn Maxwell's Equations and basically that everything you thought you knew from Electronics 101 was a lie...
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    GR Research

    No, you think just because we can get insights from measurements that somehow our experiences are invalid. Hint: Pretty much everyone on this forum owns and experiences speakers. You used the word personalised. You don't get more personalised than being able to understand a measurement, because...
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