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    Effect of Cannabis use on hearing

    I tend toward 26% stuff a lot, but with high Caryophyllene content, which leaves you pretty clear. I've a pax and it's great! Though most of the time I combust because of habit, and it takes a lot to pack a pax full. Does seems to go farther though.
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    Effect of Cannabis use on hearing

    It's me, except dead air.
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    Magnepan LRS/LRS+

    seems like you're looking for MMG W, which is designed for this application
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    First Impressions of the Magnepan LRS vs. the LRS+

    My sub is definitely mandatory with my SMG-a and I'd imagine that tight bass will add a lot to your system as it did mine. I used YPAO to correct my system, but my sub itself can integrate as well.
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    Air Pressure and Balloons and Presence Near You

    Yeah, it's not unique to any one of us, you just have to listen to the patterns around you. You'd be surprised about how much is around the noise floor of our consciousness that we automatically filter out unless we concentrate on the input.
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    ASR recommended by ChatGPT

    I've run a test, I got it to make the same mistake a few times in a row, so it accepts criticism, but does nothing with it yet.
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    ASR recommended by ChatGPT

    when bard says wrong things it accepts criticism
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    SMSL D400EX DAC Review

    I'm an ergonomics person, and for the most part this has good ergo. IDK what it is about the dial but I can't really click it, so I'm wondering if the instructions are just wrong.
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    SMSL and Windows 11 support

    My SMSL D400ex has a driver I dl'ed from them that includes a program called "XMOS USB DAC Driver Control Panel" If that's not in a search of start, download the vendor driver. (a lot of them are xmos based for ASIO)
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    I knew I saw that blue color somewhere.
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    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    A wonderful summary. Bravo
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    HD-650, ER-6p, TR-50, 225i, Nuraphones, Mobius, HE400i, HE4xx, Pixel Buds, Arya Stealth I like the Arya Stealth the most, can wear them all day long.
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    Why the hate for Grado?

    Grados were one of my first headphones, and I have to say: I've never worn worse. They don't sit still on your head, you can't even lay back without them falling off, you can't detach the cord, their construction is awful and the sound is awful. I think most of the defenders just like the Radar...
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    What is an equivalent product to HiFi snake oil?

    I swear, most fad diets just confuse your very adaptable biology for a moment, resulting in malnutrition. Once you acclimate, the weight comes back on.
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    What is an equivalent product to HiFi snake oil?

    also: ah yes, a fully passive power distributor, AKA a solder joint or bus bar.
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    What is an equivalent product to HiFi snake oil?

    Turbos use exhaust gases to "spool up" and they lag behind your acceleration curve. Supers use the power take off from the main crank shaft and belts and are able to more quickly spool up. The reason people are turning to electric turbos (and there are legit electric turbos installed factory) is...
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