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    Schiit KARA Preamp and Headphone Amp Review

    Considering its worst-case distortion level is at -80 dBFS before clipping sets in, it's a bit of a stretch to claim the measurements show an audible problem.
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    Room measurement, if someone could review and advise please.

    Yes, EQ is the only thing that can effectively address room modes. You need to measure both speakers again at the same time, preferably using the MMM method. Instead of CSD, you have to use the regular in-room response with a 50 dB vertical scaling and Var smoothing to create the EQ filters...
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    Headphones for edm/elector

    beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X
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    What are the downsides of DSP?

    Because, if you read past the poorly phrased poll question, OP is actually asking about equalizing the in-room response.
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    A millennial's rant on classical music

    I would have to disagree considering how Back to Black is mastered.
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    Hifiman Arya Review (headphone)
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    REW EQ - match response to target

    Did you click 'Match response to target' again after changing 'Flatness Target' from 2 to 1 dB?
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    Help with room arrangement and acoustic treatment

    Assuming the speakers will be placed on the desk in the top left corner, I would swap its position with the closet in the bottom left corner, then pull it away from the wall and closer to the middle of the room in order to minimize adjacent boundary effects and mismatch in arrival times of the...
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    Matching speakers

    Unless you've found a good deal, a pair of XT60 is going to cost $500, leaving no money for a center channel. S807 is very bad: S809 and S83 haven't been measured, so I can't recommend those either. The fact that your receiver can output...
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    120-140hz optimization

    Peak filter, 131 Hz, -12 dB, Q=8
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    Matching speakers

    I don't know your budget and prices in your country. This thread is a good starting point for recommendations: It also explains why 2-way center channel speakers, such as the...
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    Matching speakers

    Those speakers don't have any published spinorama measurements, so I would advice against those. You don't know what you're getting. The XT30 has terrible horizontal directivity...
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    Hifiman sundara peaks?

    Human hearing is most sensitive around 2-5 kHz. When running a sine sweep with perceptually neutral transducers, this area should be louder than the rest of the spectrum. If you don't have any issues with regular playback content, you have nothing to worry about.
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    can you please help me make my speakers sound the way they are intended?

    This video contains a lot of misinformation and bad advice. I've done my best to list it all below. Due to Brandolini's law I won't be elaborating on any of the points and I probably won't be responding to replies to this post either. In the tutorial he... recommends taking measurements at a...
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    Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphone Review

    For those of you who have difficulties reading graphs, please consider the following data points: Frequency: 1704.536 Hz Left: 93.27943936 dB Right: 99.01291428 dB Difference: 5.73347492 dB Frequency: 5590.43879 Hz Left: 106.30391701 dB Right: 100.75651008 dB Difference: 5.54740693 dB...
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    Room EQ help needed

    Your room is quite large, so you don't want to EQ above about 90 Hz based on your in-room measurements. Unfortunately, there haven't been published any proper anechoic measurements of your speakers, so if you want to correct the rest of the frequency response, you would need to send them in for...
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    Passive Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    If you want a better understanding of how the score is calculated, see this thread: It's especially important to note that peaks and dips are weighted the same, despite peaks being far more...
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    Room EQ help needed

    In addition to what has been said above, you also need to change the smoothing from 1/3 oct. to Var and tell us your room dimensions (length, width, height).
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    Neumann KH120 II Monitor Review

    With a sub, the performance is more or less identical. But if I were you, I'd stick with the LS50.
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