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    CSS Criton 2TD-X Build Log

    I hear wavecore.
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    [US] Some audio stuffs for sale

    Could you add pics? Any idea on the shipping cost for the A30?
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    Logitech Media Server etc...

    You still need a server and a client, you can run the server in the same Raspberry. Picoreplayer has a quick/easy setup to do so.
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    VTV Hypex Ncore NC252MP (It's all Amir's fault)

    The hypex modules have a standby mode and need to have an enable signal to fully power on. If the amp only has a single power button the enable is shorted. So the trigger is usually a switched jack. Nothing connected keeps it shorted. You connect something, that something must provide the...
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    VTV Hypex Ncore NC252MP (It's all Amir's fault)

    The trigger is as you mention for standby/on. If you want to turn it off, you need access to the back switch.
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    Worst and best bad movies you've every accidentally watched? Machine girl.
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    VTV Hypex Ncore NC252MP (It's all Amir's fault)

    The shitt modius or the drop grace balanced are not that expensive.
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    VTV Hypex Ncore NC252MP (It's all Amir's fault)

    Basically you need higher input voltage, depending on the laptop, you might be limited below 1.9v. So I would recommend a balanced DAC to be able to get the best of your amp.
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    Using triggers vs leaving amps on vs alternatives when no built in triggers

    I'm using a smart plug and the source (raspberry) runs a script that turns it on or off.
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    Budget streaming setup: Rapsberry Pi? What DAC?

    I use a S8 with a PI with no issues.
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    Best value streamer with no DAC

    if you use LMS you can install the Spotty plugin and you load tracks, albums with no issue.
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    Best raspberry pi dac

    Main limit would be power. That said, I'm using a s8 in my desk. It works well.
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    ¿what is your speaker, amplifier and dac configuration?

    Raspberry PI---Topping D10---DIY NC252mp---DIY speakers Raspberry PI---Hidizs S8---Senn HD598
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    Considering a DIY Sub - got a favorite?

    Madisound carries the fusion amps, not sure if they carry the FA251.
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    XLR wire question. ghent amp build

    From the datasheet: So blue is non inverting, "gray" is inverting and black/bare copper is ground. So you want blue to pin 2, "gray" to pin 3 and black/bare copper grounded to chassis, ideally not in the same spot you grounded pin 1. But if not doable, they recommended going to pin 1 for UcD...
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