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    Do CD players sound different to each other?

    Years ago we have done a proper blind matched ABX test between two quite different CD players, I recall a fairly cheap one vs some tube preamped ‘high end’ one. With a bunch of people we got statistical significant results on individual and group level, all were rejecting the assumption the...
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    Nordost Tyr 2 Review (USB Cable)

    My science teacher clearly was not a trained audiophile when he taught us that energy is not transferred via the wire. Would there be a market for selling audiophile EM fields?
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    Topping DX7s does not have output

    Thanks for the help.. due to lack of devices laying around I did not check RCA and HP outputs. But good news, I followed your solution and took the power cord off for a night, that resolved my issue too like it did yours.
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    Topping DX7s does not have output

    Am having similar problems as gab described in Driving bookshelf speakers from topping dx7s: My Topping DX7s seems fully functioning, except that I don't get output on the XLR channels. Did not change anything, one day it worked, and the next day it did not. No power outages have happened in...
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    Good German Hifi ?!

    Has Manger been mentioned?
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    I agree, H95 and separates for sure are a feast for the eyes!
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    Gave it another determined try:
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    Just spent an hour digging tru my bookmarks.. found lots and lots of subwoofer brands. I expected I found quite a few interesting additions, but after a dedup all but three were already included in the list:
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    Does give you some more subwoofers.. I noticed some brands I never heard of like ModalAkustik, Vox, etc. Not many traces of CEA-2010 measurements though.
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    ASR Open Source Streamer Project

    Software guy here..if I can help, count me in!
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    how to tell if my audible distortion is due to speaker or amp or something else?

    I have had similar problems once, and rules out everything until I was left with the decoder. One decoder (Bluesound Node 2 with digital out to MiniDSP SHD) had distortion, the other (Foobar with ASIO out to Topping E30) had not. But the source was some (MP3 IIRC) encoded music downloaded from...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Review (headphone)

    Apparantly science is just an opinion these days :cool:
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    Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier Review

    My headphone also got damaged, having distortion now in both channels. S/N=2010xxx Topping offered no hassle support, offering to replace the amp immediately. Too bad it cost me my Sennheiser 560.. but nevertheless they way they deal with it gives a positive feeling. Things go wrong (except in...
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    Sugden a21se
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    Please advice...

    Just before I decided to spend my last few thousand bucks on bringing my system to the Nirvana level with their line-up, I realised measurements are missing. So maybe you guys do have an opinion:
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