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    Church Sound Advice?

    Perhaps, but not necessarily. For example in a multi-million dollar granite cathedral, the best approach is often a highly localized and distributed system, nothing low-budget about it! :-)
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    Church Sound Advice?

    This greatly depends. When a space is not acoustically friendly (lots of hard reflective surfaces) and when the looks/budget committee has zero interest in investing in acoustic treatment, utilizing fills close to people can help to minimize level variance and to increase intelligibility.
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    Church Sound Advice?

    A picture is worth a thousand words. :) --- MAPP 3D is Meyer Sounds sound system design software, so no it will not help you with your specific speakers, that being said it might be quite educational for you, understanding how speakers behave and interact. --- For measuring, yes an RTA will...
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    "Smart" normalization / compression plugin? Or what do broadcasters / streamers use?

    If you are processing tracks you will probably want to put a limiter somewhere in that process. Overall some compression here is your friend; yes, we all know "too much can be bad" and can ruin tracks, however an appropriate amount is useful.
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    Tom Danley’s new ‘Hyperion’

    I haven't heard their signature series, but I do own a pair of their Studio 2's which I enjoy.
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    Advice for dedicated amp to save laptop battery and boost signal to Bose speaker

    See the up above posts about battery life: Also I would recommend against a heavy duty cable; 3.5mm jacks can be fragile.
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    HDD vs SSD for recording & mixing

    HDD or SSD should be fine for your tasks. HDD will obviously take more time to transfer files. SSD is faster for moving files, but at a premium cost. I do a fair amount of tracking every-week (40-64 tracks, for 6-12+ hours per week), and the SSD I have is holding up just fine. I have had...
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    Roller Coaster Tycoon

    When I got my first nice TV (4k, HDR, large for the room), playing Roller Coaster Tycoon was my first act and it was everything I though it could be. :cool:
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    DJ setup speaker positioning

    It is a large difference, yes, and one that is common with subwoofer deployment and arrays for live-music/festivals. --- The following image is from a subwoofer deployment workshop taught by Merlijn van Veen that I was able to attend several years back. Again this is heavily dependent on...
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    DJ setup speaker positioning

    To add to what was said above: For live music some genres, such as, EDM or Hip-Hop often have "haystacked" subs that are 18-30dB hotter than tops I won't say whether this is right or wrong, just that is common. Most systems in those domain are not flat. If you do haystack your subs (ie they...
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    DJ setup speaker positioning

    For imaging, Texas headphones wouldn't be my first choice, granted I am not a DJ. For mixing I far prefer a good near field setup and positioned correctly. Wall mounts are an option. If you want stands, Sound Anchor makes a quality product, however they are not inexpensive. Also you definitely...
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    24 Crazy-Ass Hi-Fi Systems

    You know what would ruin that system for me? That clock to the left... those are NOT quiet! :D
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    Speaker survey

    Posted, also interested to see this.
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    Need Advice on Purchasing New PC

    If are into Windows, check out Dell's Outlet website. If you sign up and play your cards right you can sometimes get 50% or more off on a computer. They have options for most every budget. I have purchased several computers from there over the years, and they have been fantastic machines for...
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    Presonus Audiobox Go, Presonus Audiobox iOne or Behringer Uphoria UMC22?

    It is possible that the preamps on these units may sound different, however all of the following will impact the sound and tone you get on a recording MUCH more than a preamp would. 1) Playing ability 2) Guitar used 3) Pickups 4) Amp 5) Cab 6) Mic used (SM57, Fathead, E906 etc) 7) Mic...
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    Connecting two sources (Macbook+PC) to Genelec's AES/EBU input

    For what it is worth: I also have monitors with an AES input, I ended up just purchasing one of these $40 USB -> AES Devices on Ebay. It does exactly what it is advertised to do. Also as it is AES so I can leave my monitors powered up while I swap devices, it does not pop the monitors/send...
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    Monitors for film/TV scoring

    Whatever you end up going with, I would highly recommend getting an appropriately sized pelican with custom foam inserts. ---- What types of spaces are you monitoring in? Someone else's studio control room? A backroom in a concert hall? A hotel room? The type of space should probably define the...
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    Recording Latency - MacOS - PreSonus Studio One. MiniDSP, GLM??

    You are welcome! Are you still have issues with "popping" with this setup?
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    Recording Latency - MacOS - PreSonus Studio One. MiniDSP, GLM??

    In Studio One you can add an Aux/Bus after your master, and set that for your hardware output (I forget what this is called in the manual). You can insert plugins (such as Sonarworks or something else) in this space; it will hit your monitors, but not your mix. I presume this is what you are...
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    Who would buy a speaker without listening to it?

    I have purchased several speakers without having the chance to listen first... so far it has worked out great everytime, and I have been happy for what I paid. For the expensive stuff I have trusted the brand I have been purchasing from to produce a good product for the price, and for the...
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