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    Audio stutters with USB Dacs on Macbook M1 Pro

    back when I started having this issue on my then new MBP M1 Pro using Big Sur, on a Reddit thread (or maybe MacRumors, can't remember now) someone mentioned a tiny application called MacClickFixus. it was created to keep the audio bus open continuously for people having issues with audio click...
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    that just seems weird to me. anyone know why it's like this?
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    Hidizs s9 Pro Interference Sound issue

    yes, it would be, on the unbalanced jack. for me it happens regardless of OS/platform so it's definitely something in the DAC. Firmware flashes haven't fixed it. It's possible I damaged it somehow. I think this is different than the interference issue.
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    Hidizs s9 Pro Interference Sound issue

    sort of, but it works fine over the 2.5mm balanced jack and as long as I listen in exclusive mode on the 3.5mm, it's fine. it's just shared system audio that's the issue. I now think there is a short somewhere on the 3.5mm jack or traces. Hidzs wants me to make a video of the problem before...
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    Hidizs s9 Pro Interference Sound issue

    something is going on with mine recently too. when using the 3.5mm jack, it has tinges of sounding underwater and there is always a music track blended in. very odd. it happens for me no matter what it's attached to, laptop or phone. what's also strange is it doesn't happen on the 2.5mm jack. I...
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    Hidizs S9 Pro Review (Headphone Adapter)

    mine, with v1.1 firmware which I received from Hidizs, works fine under Windows, but skips and stutters under Mac OS Monterey (Macbook Pro 14" w/M1 Pro). They seemed to have fixed that on the regular S9, but that's a different chip.
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    Hidizs S9 Review (Headphone Adapter)

    I'll see if I have a USB 2 hub still lying around. I thought maybe the USB-A port on this laptop was USB-2, but it's not. BTW, the drivers for the S9 Pro are showing up as Comtrue for me. But it does say SXW UAD for ASIO.
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    Hidizs S9 Review (Headphone Adapter)

    I finally tried some DSD 64's from various sources, they ALL stutter and sputter like crazy on my S9 Pro (Foobar2000 and Audrivana). These same files play fine on my S8 and a FiiO. Crap. :( Edit: someone mentioned the "Comtrue USB Audio Device" for ASIO so I went and found that driver. Oddly it...
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    Hidizs S9 Review (Headphone Adapter)

    One clear difference I'm hearing is that the S9 Pro bass is a bit "woolier" and more emphasized than the S8 in the C1 (32 Hz) range, I'm not sure which is better or more accurate to the source, but I listen to (too much!) organ music and with this they are clearly dissimilar. (both balanced...
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