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    [Electrical] Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems

    All true, but the problems IMHO are societal. Too many third-rail political traps to have a frank discussion here about why your average young Western Male would think thrice (not twice) about going into a field like Electrical Engineering in the current year. What’s the payoff? A career? Not...
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    [Electrical] Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems

    Has more to do with what you’ll read in Sir John Glubb’s Fate of Empires than with Technology per se. Whatever system manages the serving up of NOTAMs, it’s certainly not rocket science. But it’s only as good as the people maintaining it. Matters of budget and equipment maintenance aside, it’s...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    It's more about rooting in Australian vernacular meaning something rather different.
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Not bad considering could be home and hosed for ~$10K all inclusive. Apple could and might smoke all this goodness for pocket change (for them, R&D-wise) in the next few years as they ramp up VR and tag-along HRTF goodness.
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    Can a DAC improve soundstage, depth, separation?

    That guy aced Raven's Regressive Matrices.
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    I have both. The Stealth is lighter and more comfortable for sure. I can see how hipsters and fans of 'authenticity' would like the slightly Frankenstein bolted together 'honest' (in reality more like honestly we didn't know how to do CAD and composites properly when we started out.. too late...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Good thing you're not Australian.
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    What’s more, the Stealths are just the thing for attenuating the noise from split aircon units and dehumidifiers during tropical summers (Hong Kong where I am being case in point). When I want to listen to my Susvaras during summertime I need to turn off everything or close connecting doors to...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Sounds like you need to invest $5 in earplugs :D
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Tempting, iff you design the custom car audio system. (Typed whilst listening to Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade on my recently-purchased Stealths and sitting with maximum prejudice upon my wallet.)
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    Sure... but they throw in an amp when you buy it.
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    New Headphone Coming from Dan Clark Audio (DCA)

    Golfing Panther is limbering up as we speak. Must try to exhibit some fiscal prudence and not buy this one so soon after getting the excellent Stealth. I do wish someone would take one for the team and send @amirm the Hifiman Susvara to measure and EQ.
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    Classical Instruments: Historical or Modern?

    What I *really* want to hear is a reanimated Mannheim Court Orchestra with J. Stamitz grinding out Bruch's Violin Concerto. As a nod to Tradition, he could lead from the violin :) Just saying. Hopping out of facetious mode, it's arguable that Bach is sufficiently transcendent and...
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    Topping A90 Discrete Review (Headphone Amp & Preamp)

    That guy is living proof that not all talents are g-loaded and that one can shoot a brilliant B-Roll and make out like gang busters despite not being what you'd call any kind of extreme RHS outlier on the bell curve. Every now and then he'll come out with some utterly retarded statement that...
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    Sabaj D4 Review (DAC & Amp)

    I bet this thing blows the measurements socks off my Continental Dual Mono purchased on a whim in 2016 which cost considerably more. The CDM looks way cooler (and runs way hotter for sure) though. Coulda been worse. If the store had had a Hugo in stock that day, I might have become a lost soul.
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    Sabaj D4 Review (DAC & Amp)

    One of those rare cases when you'd want to yell at your workers "Start dithering there!"
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    Ladder Schumann FPGA Dac

    Haven't watched the video review above, but am going to bloviate regardless. I just checked out the Shenzhen Audio site and they no longer stock any Denafrips DACs. They did before, because I bought my Ares 2 from them. Initial guess is that Denafrips / Vinshine are tightening up their...
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    Just listened. Would be headphone amp headroom for the ages if it could blow one's ears out on such a quiet, introspective piece on Stealths or Susvaras. I found about 2 o'clock on regular A90 on medium gain to be plenty for this track. And then I remembered that I've got -6dB headroom dialled...
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    The Truth about many "Audiophile" Piano Recordings

    Has anyone heard Dick Hyman -- An Evening at the Cookery? Apparently he walked into a gig with a cassette recorder on June 17, 1973 and recorded himself. An example of how not to record piano -- but still wow.
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