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    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    KH 120 II is the 5" version of the KH 150.
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    RME ADI-2 Pro FS R - Using as Preamp/DAC.. Force Sample Rate for Analogue

    That is correct. Sample rate is set either via USB driver or internally, but you can't have two sample rates for one clock at the same time.
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    TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter Review

    I did not make any claim regarding the Tanchjim ;) Only as a reference point. In my case, the noise is just a bit over the audibility threshold with my most sensitive IEMs. Also, I think that with this kind of outputs (especially with digital volume control), it's more relevant to measure the...
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    Subjective or not, it's noticeable in a silent room from arm's length with the Genelec. The Neumann is dead silent at this distance. I decided to play it safe and not put their claim to test :) But as I said, the main concern was hiss. I haven't tested their SAM models, but their analog 8000...
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    The hiss levels would not. That was the main reason, along with front-ported design, for my choice. I understand that both of them would sound good enough for me and I'd adapt to either of them quickly, but hiss levels is something one does not adapt to, so I went for Neumann.
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    TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter Review

    I was talking about the ADI-2 DAC's IEM output.
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    TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter Review

    I see. Anyway, while I can hear the background faintly when I connect my Fiio FA7 IEMs to the ADI-2 Pro, I do not hear it with less sensitive IEMs, including the Truther Hexa. On Qudelix 5K, I cannot hear any background noise with the FA7 over USB (over BT, it engages a noise gate in the absense...
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    TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter Review

    It does not. Amir tested the main HP out, not the IEM.
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    ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition VS ADI-2/4 Pro SE

    Yes. Yes. ADI-2/4 Pro SE has digital phono correction and more analog reference output levels. The ADI-2/4 Pro SE has a bit more powerful HP amps (as if someone had complained about not having enough power with the ADI-2 Pro). The ADI-2/4 Pro SE has two headphones outputs, just as the ADI-2...
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    More or less on par, but Neumanns have less hiss (virtually inaudible even from 10 cm), more extension into low end, more linear FR, smoother horizontal directivity, wider range of sensitivity adjustments. Their SPL is difficult to compare directly by the sheet since they list these figures for...
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    Genelec 8030C Studio Monitor Review

    How old? They had been available since 2010, and there is some evidence that their capacitors can fail with time. So If they are not older than a couple of years, this can be a good option. At least they are a better option than any 8000 series analog Genelecs up to and including the 8030C.
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    Topping PA 5 II is out $249 and $329 (Plus version)

    Don't confuse signal ground with protective earthing.
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    Audiophile Ethernet exists: the AVB/TSN thread

    It's not about dropping frames (that's being taken care of using buffers). It's about delivering payload reliably at specified timings and in order, which standard Ethernet does not implement (neither it needs to, relying on higher layers to do the job).
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    Audiophile Ethernet exists: the AVB/TSN thread

    AVB is not meant for "audiophile" applications. It's intended for live sound, studio, and broadcast applications with requirements for low-latency and reliable real-time transmission, where general-purpose TCP/IP networks may be inadequate. It's an open standard, but requires software support...
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    Weiliang/BRZHiFi Linear USB power supply questions

    Disregard my post then and forgive me. I have deleted it.
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    Correct Neumann KH80 + KH750 with DIRAC (already owned) vs. MA-1 (would need to buy + Interface)

    AFAIR, KH 750 DSP can correct phase response even without MA 1 room correction set up. If this is true, then I'd probably pass on buying the mic. If not, the phase correction alone would be worth it IMO.
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    Early reports on new Topping PA5 ii and PA5 ii Plus?

    Reliability is a statistical measure, and is a function of time.
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    Martin Logan B10 Speaker Review

    This very speaker proves the case for actives. And I thought you buy speakers for their main function, sound that is, not for looks. If you want something to look at, it's much better to invest in a proper piece of art. Having said that, the Neumanns and Genelecs have much more discreet and less...
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    Martin Logan B10 Speaker Review

    For this kind of money there is no reason this should exist when you can get a pair Neumann KH 120 A or Genelec 8030C, and made in Europe, too.
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    RME ADI-2 DAC FS - AKM Versus ESS Measurements (DAC, Preamp & Headamp)

    Just a small correction: ADI-2/4 Pro SE uses ES9038Q2M, as opposed to ADI-2 DAC's ES9028Q2M.
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