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    Denon Replaces AKM AK4458 DAC IC in X4700H and X6700H

    I think this is an AKM chip machine. From the serial, the build date looks like July 2020 (change was in May 2021) and the last five digits are well below 7000, again indicating that is an AKM machine.
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    Denon Replaces AKM AK4458 DAC IC in X4700H and X6700H

    I grabbed this quote somewhere, maybe here (?) ....sorry can't remember : "The S/N has the format LLLL (4 letters) MM (month) YY (year) DDDDD (5 digits). The AKM 'originals' were built before May 2021 (MMYY below 0521) and have a DDDDD below 70000 (seems to start with a "0" in most cases)."...
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    New Stones Album

    Yes, the new Rolling Stones album is Hackney Diamonds and there'll be an announcement event from Hackney, London tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept 6th. at 2:30pm British Standard Time) YouTube live stream event of Stones Hackney Diamonds studio album AP News blurb about the Album release and live...
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    TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter Review

    Currently $76.49 on Amazon (US) Space Dac on Amazon
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    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    Firmware v1.88 is available. No idea if it addresses your issue, but maybe worth a try…
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    SOLD: TOPPING D90SE DAC - Black - Excellent - $495

    Thank you nomograf,....pleasure dealing with you.
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    SOLD: TOPPING D90SE DAC - Black - Excellent - $495

    D90SE is now SOLD - thank you! Topping D90SE DAC - Black - On latest firmware (v1.88) - no issues. Cosmetics excellent. Factory box and packing. Remote/USB cable/Bluetooth antenna/instruction pamphlet. Fantastic machine. Selling because am trying a MiniDSP FLEX, curios to try its room EQ...
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    Underwhelmed by Topping L30…

    As I understand, the L30 requires a somewhat high input voltage to produce its best power (3 volts input required to get full power when on Hi?) . A 2 volt output voltage is pretty t;ypical for a lot of dacs and is not enough for the L30 to play as powerfully as it can. I thought the L30 was...
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    Raspberry pi Vs wiim mini

    The Wiim Pro is not yet available, but should be soon (I don't know if that is 4 days or 4 months). There's an Amazon page already: Wiim Pro on Amazon
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    Denon AVR-X3700H AVR Review

    A X3600H Denon has no problems driving my Revel M105, C25 and S16 surrounds. 2 SVS subs are taking lower signals (80hz and below). But, I didn't notice any struggle if ran system with the speakers getting full range signal and no subs.
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    SOLD: Revel Concerta2 C25 Center Speaker - White - $380 (Seattle)

    Thank you - But speaker now SOLD Revel Concerta2 C25 Center speaker (white). Asking: $380 Very good cosmetics (any marks would be very minor) and plays as new - never an issue. Misplaced box with factory feet (where? ? ) So got bolts in the needed thread size (metric M8 with 1.25 thread...
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Yes. The Wiim Home app for iOS has a Devices tab on bottom and on that page you can select which Wiim to contol (what it plays, settings, volume etc.). You can switch between Mini's. Can also switch between Wiim Mini's just using Airplay (i.e., not using the Wiim app)
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    Recommendation for closed back headphones

    E-MU Teak headphones are excellent - E-MU Teak Review (Amir)
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    Budget system for streaming/analog 2.1 with room correction?

    A variation on Example 2: 1. WiiM Mini streamer 2. miniDSP Flex 3. Genelec G Three (nearly same as 8030C, that G Three it has both XLR and RCA inputs) Stretching the bounds of a budget system already, but a nice sub would be welcome too (SVS Micro 3000? 2000 Pro?)
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    Help, DAC E30 - AK4118 chip or CS8416?

    Both. I have an E30 and so I made note of the info when I saw it here (on ASR,...can't remember the thread/post or poster)
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    Help, DAC E30 - AK4118 chip or CS8416?

    I think: (Topping E30) 2103 and after uses CS8416. Very early had polarity issue (is this audible?) - this was fixed with 2004 and beyond. So, 2102 serial should have AK4118 and should be from production well after polarity issue fixed.
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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Back of the SU9 shows XLR output with pins (male), so a female XLR here,....but the back of the SMSL SA400 shows female XLR input. An XLR cable with female one end and male the other should connect them.
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    Reccomendation for small, efficient speakers

    Have heard 2 of these 3 (not the Focal) and have heard the Classik (but not with these speakers). Neither the Revel nor the Elac is "small". The Revel is 37cm high and the Elac isn't tiny either. In most circumstances I'd think of these as too big for kitchen speakers,....but I don't know...
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    SOLD : 2 x Apple Airport Express A1392 : Wi-Fi Router, Range Extender & Airplay 2 Streamer

    Both now SOLD - thank you Apple Airport Express A1392 works as a wired or wireless (WiFi) Airplay2 streamer (works with ROON). The mini-jack output is analogue stereo - But the same jack also outputs optical digital. Will include adapters so that a standard optical cable can plug in. Used...
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    SOLD : ALLO DigiOne Raspberry Pi Case Power Supply WiFi Dongle

    Update: Thank you, but this DigiOne setup is now Sold. RPI3 + DigiOne Board + Acrylic Case + microSD Card with OS ( RoiPeeeXL) + 5V Power Supply + WiFi Dongle Would like $128 including Priority Mail and PayPal fees (a little less if your local (Seattle) and can collect) High quality SPDIF...
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