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    Dennon x3300 vs x3700

    The reasoning is that at about 1.4 volts the preamp starts to clip in that receiver. However keep in mind that even at 2 volt output you're still only looking at about 73db sinad or about .03 THD+distortion. Unless you have amazing hearing ability it's very unlikely you're going to hear that...
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    Parasound 23+

    @Dallas2122 I'm curious as to the difference between the electrons going into the amplifer when using the stock power cord as opposed to the Pangea AC9-SE power cord for $300.00. If we measured the output of the Parasound amplifier using the two different power cords would there be any...
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    Rotel RB-1070 Amplifier Review

    @RenSong, Circuit breakers can wear out. If it is tripped much at all I'd just replace it. They don't cost much. If the new one trips get an electrician to your house and your amp checked out. Your amp shouldn't be tripping a breaker when turning it on. Wiring problems can be dangerous.
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    My system as of now or: My Hi Fi a series of compromises

    The Audyssey app is well worth the 20 dollars and is highly recommended.
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    Is it worth getting locking RCA cables?

    Regular RCA connectors work just fine. Save your money and yourself some grief. I also threw them away after the battle to get them off.
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    Class D Buckeye or Van Alstine M750, & a Bi-amping Question

    You should trust Monitor Audio. They are being honest with you. Unless you do active biamping you are just throwing your money away. I doubt you'd ever be able to notice the difference between 500wpc and 1000wpc. At max power you're looking at only 3db difference in loudness.
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    A Call For Humor!

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    Do solid state amplifiers not produce any even order harmonic distortion?

    Just like the title says. Also conversely do tube amplifiers produce any odd order harmonic distortion? Thanks
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    Hearing Aids and High Fidelity

    I'm very happy with mine. They're expensive though and I doubt you're going to get much for less than at least 3 or 4k but am not educated on other products. These are real world 5k and the frequency response is adjusted to my ear's frequency response. When adjusting the audiologist actually put...
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    (Poll) When did you start using a measurement mic to tune your room and system?

    I also had a Behringer deq2496 and an ECM8000 microphone in about 2005. I ended up selling it after a year or so because I coudn't leave it alone. I had a fully treated listening room and was much more happy. Now I use a Denon x3400 and the app and the sound quality is excellent even without...
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    Strategy for Modern --simple Old School CD Stereo

    If you're talking about designing your own speakers and building them please realize there is a LOT more to speaker design than it may appear. Do some research so you don't waste time and money because it's not easy.
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    McIntosh LB200 Light Box

    If you have one of these can you brag to your friends how much you spent on an empty box?
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    Do you mostly use CD/DVD or streaming for music?

    I listen to music on thrumb drives ripped from cd's. Unless I listen to music on the hard drive on my laptop that is. Haven't touched a cd in a long time.
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    Sennheiser HD 580 parts

    I appreciate the info. I'd hoped maybe some aftermarket products would be fine. The deteriorating foam inside the ear cups I just noticed a few days ago. At this point I'm going to not worry about it. If I used them more than a few hours a year I'd get the oem parts. They're plenty comfortable...
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    Sennheiser HD 580 parts

    Thanks, I guess Sennheiser is the only place where I can get the correct parts. There are numerous 580 parts on Ebay and Amazon for far less money that looked exactly the same which is why I was asking. I just didn't want to spend $50+ when there appears to be aftermarket parts that may be fine.
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    Sennheiser HD 580 parts

    My Sennheiser headphones inner foam is rotted. Also the headband is flattened. Earpads are fine however I wouldn't mind replacing all three. I've looked on Amazon and Ebay and see there are various options. I just want oem or equivalent replacements. Where do I get them? Thanks
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    An anxious audiophile

    I'd add a sub if I were you.
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    Does anyone remember VHS HIFI ?

    I think you're right. thanks
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    Does anyone remember VHS HIFI ?

    If I remember correctly the reason Beta lost favor was because Sony wanted to charge other companies to use that platform. With VHS everyone could manufacture it for free and for less money so consumers went that way. VHS took some time but they improved the video quality to be equal to Beta...
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    Video Tour Of Extreme Audiophile Mansion...

    I really don't have much respect for anybody's opinion on anything if they any sort of vested interest, especially high end audio mags. I could go to a thrift store and find something with better performance and then have a gorgeous case built to put it in. It would at least sound ok. Incredible...
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