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    Has anyone done any detailed review or analysis of Zidoo media players?

    Zidoo NEO S - full review The Zidoo NEO S is that one device that satisfies all my audiophile needs. Basically, the player contains two separate units, each independently performing playback of two large groups of files: (a) the HDMI-out video unit that plays back everything from pictures to...
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    Please help - How to revive my Zappiti motherboard Android Head Unit ?

    Presenting the problem: I was using about two years the Zappiti Cinema Audiocom Edition unit, in adition to other units that I am also using, but each of them for different tasks. I was having problems with the stability of the Android 6.0.1 installed on the Zappiti and from time to time I did...
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    Emotiva RMC-1 AV Processor Review

    You are correct, there are some minor problems, mine when put on standby mode HDMI passthrough, when I press play, sometimes the sound is not switched on, so I press stop and then play again, Oppo will ask "play from lateste position?" and I say yes, then the sound enters normally ... I got...
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    Emotiva RMC-1 AV Processor Review

    Well, I wouldn't worry much about the 8k, with what is happening now on the world,... there is so few 8k produced content until now that I feel there is no hurry to upgrade the HDMI 4k board to 8k. However, the long promised 12 additional channels might be attractive, but even here, the original...
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    Emotiva RMC-1 AV Processor Review

    Hi, I am new here and I hope I am allowed to write a RMC 1 review from the perspective of listening the sound. I already have 50 years of audio listening experience (music and movies) and I was doing myself all the needed power amplifiers, but I never had a real good quality device until I...
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