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    Active B&O Beoloab 8 pair or Fink Epos 14N speakers?

    Seriously? Alternative at 1/10 of the cost? Is this a joke?
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    Genelec UNIO Audio Monitoring Platform and 9320A Reference Controller

    Based on the description, GLM (along with a mic) is incorporated in the 9320.
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    Best speakers for 6-car Garage Revel 126be's? or what else

    I’m sure there are lots of folks here with 6-car garages that will chime in.
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    JBL 4329p 8”active Studio Monitor series

    How about at $4500 a pair. Or better yet, where can I get them for $2100 a pair?
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    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    Of course long term satisfaction cannot be predicted based on a demo in a store.
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    So, which center should I get???

    Why not raise the tv a couple of inches?
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    I think that may be a function of the country in which you bought them.
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    Fix Neumann KH 120 a or get new pair of KH 150 a (when i already own a KH 805)

    Doesn't sound like a tweeter problem. More an electronics problem. Probably the amp.
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    Samsung TV with Genelec speakers

    Yes it does have an optical out.
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    Samsung TV with Genelec speakers

    I have a 2021 65” Samsung TV and I wanted to connect a pair of Genelec speakers for audio. I am thinking either 8020D or 8030C. The Samsung doesn’t seem to have analog outs to do this. Is there another way? Thanks.
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    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    But I have seen B&W measurements. And they are awful. Have owned B&Ws in the past and that rising high end is head ache inducing. Most I believe prefer a more neutral sound.
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    Genelec 8020B repair

    When's that next part coming?
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    ASR hasn't reviewed Genelec 8020D correct?

    8020C analogue amp, 8020D digital amp. The C's voltage was region specific, the D is not. Hence one version worldwide.
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    SOLD***Monoprice HTP-1 Processor "A" Stock with UMIK 1 Microphone***SOLD

    Original owner selling "A" Stock Monoprice HTP-1 processor. This unit was purchased on January 11, 2021. Original box and all accessories including a Minidsp UMIK-1 Microphone for Dirac Live calibration. It is in absolutely perfect condition. It is currently running firmware 1.8.9. This unit has...
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    deciding between audio phisic classic20, martin logan xt60 or kef r7?

    Since he doesn’t have KEFs that may be a bit difficult.
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