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    MASTERS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    These tapes are still used as the starting point for some modern remasters.
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    Humble upgrade question

    You say the sound could be more clear, perhaps consider a line-contact (aka microline) stylus instead of the elliptical one you currently have. In my subjective experience, the thinner profile of the line contact stylus resulted in a cleaner sound from my records.
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    Looking for DAC with "no smooth" sound signature

    Have you considered purchasing a glass coffee table?
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    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    Disclaimer: I have an analogue record collection (dating back to the acoustic era) and an archival disc playback setup (it's my job), but I do the vast majority of my listening for pleasure using digital audio, either compact disc or streaming. A digital copy of the master recording is of course...
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    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    Mm, not sure about that. All a high fidelity system can do is reproduce that which is fed in to it. The source recording doesn't come in to it, only the finished/mastered product. When it comes to vinyl reproduction, it's clear that different systems will have varying degrees of accuracy. So the...
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    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    Of course they can. If their system is reproducing the vinyl disc accurately, then the system's fidelity relative to the disc is high :)
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    High-Resolution Vinyl Disc Playback, How do you EQ older discs

    The British Standards Institute published Gramophone records, transcription disk recordings and disk reproducing equipment in 1955, which standardised the manufacture of 'fine groove records' in the UK. It contains the RIAA curve and a 'standard' 78 curve. Companies started to change over, but...
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    Advice wanted: Taking over an HiFi Store

    Richer Sounds is absolutely a hi-fi shop. Yes, they cater to a wider range of customers beyond the hi-end boutique of KJ West One, but one can absolutely purchase a hi-fi from Richer Sounds. They sell items that have received favourable reviews on this site. You're more likely to come away from...
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    Phono Cartridge Response Measurement Script

    Is there a winning best stylus in-amongst all these plots?
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    How to find the difference in two recordings taken from same source?

    Adobe Audition can do this. Plot a frequency response graph of seperate files and colour code them.
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    KRK ROKIT 5 Gen 4 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Recently got a pair of these for my office/study and set them up today. Pretty pleased with them overall. I have them in a near field config, firing straight out. I tried them toed in towards me (the KRK phone app is excellent for this, you put your phone on the speaker and it calculates the...
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    Why do they remaster 80's digital recordings in 192/24?

    It depends what format the master is on in the archive. If it's on an analogue format, it will be digitised at 96 or 192 kHz. That sample rate will then be preserved through the remastering workflow. If the archive holds a digital master, then the data will be migrated from tape (e.g. Sony 1630)...
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    Yamaha R-N803 Smart Receiver Review

    I think YPAO sounds good. It's evened out my frequency response (given me more bass) and has anchored the stereo image. I have not made any measurements (though the increase in bass in very obvious switching YPAO on/off) and have not used any other EQ systems. I think my system sounds better...
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    The Quality Of Tape: The new transfers of Decca’s Ring recordings

    The 1984 CDs are the best. Straight transfers from the orignal tapes.
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    Beethoven Sym. No. 3 recommendations?

    I like the recordings by Klemperer (1961), Barbirolli (1967), and Walter (1959).
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    Review and Measurements of Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Preamp

    The Cambridge Audio website, Amazon UK, Richer Sounds.
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