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    Advice please: Wall mounted setup for Home Gym/ Music Room £1000 budget

    I have no idea what it sounds like, but if I had that kind of budget for what you want to use it for, I’d look at the the JBL - L75MS and put it on a shelf. Looks nice, probably sounds good enough. If you’re really thinking of setting up a gym/listening room, then maybe a pair of...
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    A Call For Humor!

    Probably doesn’t work in German.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Is that one on there? I didn’t look past the General Lee.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Neotenous I like the word pedantic.
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    Hypex Ncore or similar class D amp. search

    If you’re based in Europe, this one looks interesting from Audiophonics
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    A Call For Humor!

    I always thought that was just an urban myth. The kind of thing Steven Seagal would say - and probably has.
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    Rice cooker recommendations?

    Tatung TAC-20S All you’ll ever need.
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    Any recommendations for a sleek cd player

    Awkward workaround (but still cheaper than the Pro-ject would be…. or...
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    Any recommendations for a sleek cd player

    Tangent CD ii
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    Warning: change your password please!

    Just remember to keep it in the drawer, and don’t use one with this on the cover:
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    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    From just two posts on this forum, I’m really not surprised that they have friends like that. The language, the sentiment and most of all, the grammar! I really didn’t need that first thing on a Sunday morning.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Yeah, avoid clichés like the plague.
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    Loxjie A30 Amplifier Review

    You don’t need a new DAC, just a usb to optical/coaxial adapter such as Doug Audio U2 USB converter
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    If you could describe your life in song, what would the lyrics be?

    Ça plane pour moi Ça plane pour moi Ça plane pour moi, moi, moi, moi, moi, ça plane pour moi (Hou-hou-oou-oou!) ça plane pour moi
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    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    Dragonfly Cobalt might not be the best choice.
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    I've owned speakers by.....

    NAD B&W Mission Q Acoustics PMC …. discovered ASR and the error of my ways. Revel
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    Roger Waters...what the he##....?!?

    I don’t follow you. Is Roger Waters now denying he thinks the war in Ukraine is perfectly reasonable and justified? Is CNN somehow misrepresenting his views? Please elaborate.
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