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    SMSL AO100 Amplifier Class D "Subjective review"

    Well I would like to chime in if I may. I had a really inexpensive Fosi amp to power my Yamaha deck speakers, Probably through my fault the Fosi fried my Yamaha's. So starting over this summer I will now have some Klipsch speakers and needed a new amp as well. I wanted to stay away from the...
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    What happens when a Chinese made DAC´s (Topping, SMSL) arrives DOA or soon after arrival fails?

    If I may join in here with a similar question. I am looking for an inexpensive amp for my deck this summer, simple, doesn't need to be super loud , powering some klipsch Kho-7 speakers. I have it more or less narrowed down to Fosi TB10D or SMSL A12. SMSL seems to have a very poor customer...
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    question regarding power supplies for class D amps

    Thank you for replying < I am sorry, i should of perhaps phrased the question differently. What. if any difference to performance , and if so how, in layman's terms would these 2 scenarios effect these amps (sound quality, over heating, longevity, sound stage etc) 24 volts 15 amp = 360 watts...
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    question regarding power supplies for class D amps

    I real noobie question here, when looking at a power supply for an amp like the Fosi TB10D or the Aiyima A07. Is there any difference or preference between say 24 volt 15 amp and 36 volt 10 amp. and since I have to ask such a question showing my ignorance on the matter, if I was looking at...
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