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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    I was thinking (hoping) that if the height speakers just handle atmospherics then that's a pretty light load and using an R8 meta might be overkill and perhaps it'd be hard to distinguish it from a Q50A.
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    If you are thinking of using these as ceiling- or wall-mounted Atmos height speakers, do you think one would notice an appreciable difference between an R8 meta and a Q50a?
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    That is interesting - so would that design approach make the R8 META less-than-optimal for a ceiling-mounted Atmos down-firing speaker? As exm notes, the marketing materials indicate a broader application for the speaker. Thanks!
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    Minidsp SHD: Spotify connect

    I just followed the user manual's instructions and got Spotify Connect plugin to work on Volumio. It didn't seem to work at first but after I turned the unit off and back on it started working for me and I haven't had any issues since.
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    Peachtree Gan 1 beta testing sign-ups open

    Very interested to see how well-implemented GaN amplifiers compare with Hypex and Purifi amps.
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    I bought the 580s and I have no need for them. I have no idea what I am going to do with them. I just couldn't pass up that deal. I have too many speakers already. Argh.
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    Ohm Walsh Speakers

    Thanks - I just bought the SHD for my Zu's so I'll definitely report back when my 3000's come in. I ordered them in August 2021, so am expecting delivery within a month or two.
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    Ohm Walsh Speakers

    For whatever reason, I am drawn to speakers designed by individuals who take an unusual approach to sound reproduction: Sean Casey/Zu, Eric Alexander/Tekton, Clayton Shaw/Spatial, and I just picked up a used NX-Studio from a GR Research kit. I am the same way with amps. Anyway, I have a pair...
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    Help Me Decide: MiniDSP SHD or Computer+DAC?

    I had, yes. OK, I don't know how to explain this, but it is working now for the first time. Thanks - I have no idea why it didn't work in the first place and why it works now.
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    Help Me Decide: MiniDSP SHD or Computer+DAC?

    For you SHD-savvy folks: I am having issues with Spotify Connect on Volumio with my iPhone (I am a Spotify premium member). I installed both the Spotify plugin the 3rd party Spotify Connect plugin. But I can't get Spotify connect to work - I can only connect over Airplay which is suboptimal...
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    What 15" woofer is better for open baffle?

    I have a pair of Eminence Alpha 15s I'm happy to donate to you if you are in central VA
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    JBL Stage 125C Review (Center Speaker)

    Crutchfield has a sale on the Polk CSi A6 (now $149). Normal retail is $339.
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    miniDSP Flex

    Of course this comes out a week after I buy the SHD
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    JBL Stage 125C Review (Center Speaker)

    FWIW, here are the 3-way center speakers for sale at Crutchfield: SVS Prime Center SVS Ultra Center Monitor Audio Silver c350 Monitor Audio Silver c250 7G Paradigm Premier 500C Paradigm Premier 600C Dali Opticon VOKAL Mk2 Wharfedale EVO4.C Wharfedale Elysian C KEF R2c B&W HTM71 S2 Polk Legend...
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    JBL Stage 135C Review (Center Speaker)

    Would you consider a 3-way concentric design like the KEF R2c the best approach (at least on paper)?
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    Ohm Walsh system build guidance

    Of course you have tested all solid-state electronics with blind, level-matched listening tests, correct?
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    Which Amp for Ohm Walsh 2000 Speakers (100-250 watts/ch stereo for under $1000)

    I have the same Buckeye amp for my Ohm Walsh 3000s (once they are delivered sometime in Feb. 2022). How is that combination working for you? Thanks!
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC Chord Electronics’ Qutest DAC has won What Hi-Fi?’s Product of the Year Award in the DACs category for the fourth year in succession.
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