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    What does John Heisz get wrong in his latest video about speaker measurements?

    You see, anechoic flat FR that can be EQ'ed to the room and user requirements is really bad from the very charitable "selling my stuff" PoV.
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    ASR Weekly Audio Reviews Episode #1 (Video)

    I was entertained, thanks Amir!
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    Jay's Audio Lab and electral outlets

    I'm just a stinky pleb who knows my music was recorded on $2 power cables, $0.50 NE5532s and $3 per meter XLRs.
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    A thought that could improve the acceptance of active speakers

    I'm all for cutting cable clutter, but Hi-Fi speakers of all sorts simply isn't a big market in the grand scheme of things.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Reminds me of the Dynaudio official image for their Heritage Special, which featured a cutout of them showing the most generic cables possible for their drivers and crossovers inside.
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    I like how all audiophile myths can be traced back to gross incompetence.
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    It baffles the mind how this even happens when even $10 100mbps network switches are bulletproof at data integrity.
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    YouTuber claims to have passed blind test on different digital CD transports

    I mean its not like Redbook actually stops broken-assed implementations in the wild.
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    Is this absolute nonsense? Streamers degrade audio

    Yup bits are oh-so-hard to send reliably, which is why we can now run 100Gbps Ethernet up to 40 kilometers on LC fiber that costs like....~$1 per meter for short runs and even less when longer.
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    Rip from a cheapo portable USB DVD drive into FLAC, than play it on a budget Topping/SMSL DAC?
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    Avantone CLA-10 (Yamaha NS-10M Clone) Review

    I mean who would really notice a crappy clone if there's next to no chance to hear the original?
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    Speaking of CDs, I hope Amir can test the overall performance of those Aiwa/Panasonic/Sony etc all-in-one stereo sets that were popular in the 90s. My dad had a Pioneer one, and the headphone out sounded pretty good from CD playback with an Audio-Technica headphone which exact model now eludes me.
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    Isn't it great that people can have world class sound quality for so little money!

    I have heard a pair of room-corrected KH120 IIs and I found it rather unimpressive with my music genres at ~70dB SPL versus my JBL 305Ps at 1/10 the price. Which made me realize there's no more day-versus-night veils to be lifted.
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    Is this absolute nonsense? Streamers degrade audio

    That's only because you haven't watched his videos through a $10K HDMI cable that was cryogenically treated and exorcised by Tibetian monks.
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    extremism in opinions

    Yup every guy on Youtube now has the stupid gaping mouth thumbnail now.
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    Audiophile Ethernet exists: the AVB/TSN thread

    I have a hundred or so Cisco switches at work, and so far I have never ever saw one dropping frames on GbE rates despite nearing 10 years of 24/7 continuous operation.
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    Topping DX3 Pro+ Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    Pretty sure it will work well. -20dB on high gain for my 7Hz Zero is already plenty loud with the Youtube volume slider at 40% on my PC.
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    Industry Insiders And Their Nonsense

    I have more interest in the next Minirig 4 portable speaker than any audiophile stuff.
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