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  1. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    Hello, The first time the information which channel is picked from the digital input signal is transfered into the loudspeakers is after the start of the ADAPT OUTPUT LEVEL procedure. It is not sufficient to just select them. Best regards, Markus
  2. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    The felt dampeners didn’t change. Both the GO grilles as well as the GKH grilles have them.
  3. Markus @ Neumann

    Obtaining the MA-1 calibration file without connecting Neumann Monitors

    Hello, sorry for that. We transferred the website to a new platform. Not everything is working properly up to now. It may take a bit until this online tool is up and running again. If you urgently need the correction table for the MA1 mic please sent it the Neumann head office account. I will...
  4. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Hello, You’re welcome. Yes, the same is true for the KH310 grilles. Best regards, Markus
  5. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH 150 Monitor Review

    Hello, I will try to get clarify some things regarding this topic: It is the case that for normal modern music or classical music with reasonable bass content and a statistically large studio a pair of KH150s can deliver more max SPL than a single KH750. So if one wants to play the 150s to...
  6. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Hello LTig, The grilles for KH 420 and O 410 are mechanically the same. Just packaging, name and the included Logo of course are different. The KH 420 grille is a current product and should be available. Best regards, Markus
  7. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH120A - nearing end of life and repairs?

    Hello, Neumann guarantee to repair at least ten years beginning by the end of production of a product. This is also mandatory especially for broad casters which are a relevant part of Neumann‘s customers. Therefore the necessary components are stored in sufficient numbers. During the time the...
  8. Markus @ Neumann

    Room advice - Neumann KH310 / KH750 and MA1 measurement

    Hello, you can try pushing them as close as possible to the front wall to avoid comb filter effect and getting them a bit down so that the reflection from the rack and desk are not at ear height. I would also move the sub to 1/4 room with and 1/4 room height.
  9. Markus @ Neumann

    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    Hello, My name is Markus Wolff and I am the portfolio manager and technical coordinator for Neumann studio monitors. I am not active in forums and usually do not comment in those. But I’d like to give some background information to some of the points mentioned in this thread from our point of...
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