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    Topping DM7 8-Channel DAC Review

    And thank goodness! Folks who want fewer channels have plenty of options. Per ASR review index, Amir has recommended at least a dozen stereo DACs under $300 in the last year alone. Not reviewed - recommended.
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    My New Album Released Today

    Huh. I thought it was pretty clearly established that Paul wrote "The Night Before."
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    A Call For Humor!

    Way back, had a shelter dog which was very skittish about sudden noises. She got into the garbage one day when home alone, ate a pile of chicken bones, and caused a big vet bill. My girlfriend had a ton of Halloween decorations, including a doormat which screamed when someone stepped on it...
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    A Call For Humor!

    Then wait for the cat to use the tray & maintain eye contact while you steal its roll.
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    PS Audio FR30 speakers

    Yes, it's easy to read too much into a single graph. HFN posted their measurements of the Perlisten S4B today, and they provide an interesting comparison to Erin's NFS data. The peaks >5kHz match relatively well - as we might hope from gating, despite mic differences - but HFN shows additional...
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    JL Audio 8w3v3 for home sub

    0.2L Vd won't shake the room at high levels, but is that the goal in a bedroom system? Will any woofer make useful 20Hz, if peak SPL is 80dB? @TankTop, perhaps you should add more details, such as main speakers, amp, room size, desired extension. If your goal is ~35-40Hz at moderate SPL from...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    IIRC, Sam Tellig wrote that one of his buddies (The Brass Ear?) had a barber's chair, so that he could adjust his altitude for different recordings. Edit: Remembered almost correctly. It's in the Apogee Stage review:
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    Isn't it amazing how many people can make such a change, experience problems, and not consider returning to the good configuration?
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    A Call For Humor!

    Delete that apology! The new pic is a cromulent enough cover version of the same song.
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    good quality female pop

    She don't impress you much? (Sorry. Haven't had a chance to pull that line out for 20 years.)
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    A Call For Humor!

    Hat tip to XKCD, of course.
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    Solving puzzle: how is this possible?

    If it's an editing trick, why not show a properly scrambled cube up front? It's only a few turns from solved before he starts.
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    Frequency affected when speakers near boundaries.
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Dismiss it if you like, but when I played the very first demagnetized LP, my wife immediately noticed from the kitchen. It turns out that the rotating magnetic fields affected her carbon-steel knives, so the Furutech allows much thinner, more consistent, tomato slices. Additionally, it turns...
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    Adobe Reader is now by subscription for rotating and adjusting pages. More $$$!

    Chrome, Firefox (defeatable in settings), and Brave all have such services to allow updates with no user action other than restarting the app. Recent tech marketed to median users is all about making everything as brain-dead simple as possible, even when that means different programs update...
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    Adobe Reader is now by subscription for rotating and adjusting pages. More $$$!

    I used Foxit years ago but switched to the GPL-licensed SumatraPDF (also on GitHub) when Foxit began bundling toolbars & other BS. No regrets. Sumatra offers plenty of features for my use, and it has proven fast & reliable. Recent versions have annotation but still not full editing AFAIK...
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    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    ~20 years ago, I lived in the Columbia, SC area, where a large mall sat on a county border. Because the counties had different blue laws, half of the mall opened Sunday morning, while a security gate kept the heathens from shopping on the other side until later in the day.
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    what are your industrial design favorites?

    IIRC - can't find a reference - Buell did one of the most audacious mods for (AMA?) roadracing. Buell's HD engine was uncompetitive, because bore/stroke, valve area, etc. But the rules allowed any modification to the factory block except you could not add additional material. So they took a...
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    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    If you take a very careful look at the photo, you might notice it's not actually a photo of an ASR member.
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