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    Temu Audio Interfaces

    I'd like to see inside, the boxes are kind of an uncanny valley focus-rite appearance.
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    ICEpower 2000AS2 HV

    quite disappointing IMO. It's not exactly a small module. When you can get things as well: at a lower per channel cost with a case and more power.
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    Industry Insiders And Their Nonsense

    Space is one of the most expensive things to own in urban areas (where most people have to live). The accumulation of possessions is also stressful; it takes longer to find the thing you are looking for and moving them around is problematic.
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    Which drivers for highly custom, small enclosure?

    Have you considered the air inside the enclosure is a non linear spring? so eventually as the air volume of the enclosure reduces it will become the dominant source of non linearity. Regardless I wouldn't worry about THD<10% in the frequency range up to 100Hz as its audibility is...
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    Which drivers for highly custom, small enclosure? more high end options.
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    Fan-less silent PC

    I recently got this mini PC using an Alderlake N100 CPU...
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    Crown Xti4002 Pro Stereo Amplifier Review

    Incidently on the power required for pro drivers front, we are currently using 4000W/ch and 4ohm drivers to achieve that (nominal) power output but don't reach objectionable levels of driver distortion before clip. So even higher power amplifiers would be useful.
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    Crown Xti4002 Pro Stereo Amplifier Review

    Packaging is a limitation if you want to run much above silicon temperatures. SiC has been demonstrated up to 500C but comercialy available power devices have simlar temp ratings to silicon due to the packaging.
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    Crown Xti4002 Pro Stereo Amplifier Review

    Admark AD442 claims to use GaN:
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    Ask me questions.

    The KX drivers for the soundblaster Audigy allowed access to the internal DSP for stuff like crossovers, PEQ etc. There isn't much anything like it today apart from dedicated standalone DSPs like those from Symetrix and QSC, also some DIY software based solutions but this has latency...
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    Live sound system w/ $7K? worth a read for the basics of positioning speakers
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    Live sound system w/ $7K?

    The S360 is more of the other way of taking technology from pro speakers (compression drivers) to increase the SPL capability of a home speaker. I'm sure it would do better than most but the SPL capability particularly in the bass will be lacking. It also lacks things like grills, handles...
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    Live sound system w/ $7K?

    what about just doing some weight training? and or buying crank stands, wheel board, van ramp ETC. making a loud noise at 30Hz requires big speakers.
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    My ATC look-a-likes.

    edge diffraction differences?
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    Looking to build a small PA systems for parties

    you are kind of adding in a load of extra stuff there I was talking about just the DSP and amps. In terms of amps we are using the 'd' version of these that are slightly cheaper and have analog gain knobs rather than the digital gain controls...
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    TOPPING Audio Interfaces Coming soon!

    I have the TASCAM US-2x2HR (a bit like the one above just more inputs) and have been quite satisfied with it as an audio interface, the drivers in windows 10 are flawless in my usage. I did some loopback measurements here...
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    Looking to build a small PA systems for parties

    Its possible to build active amp racks at relatively low cost with considerable DSP capability and output power using used install DSPs such as the Biamp Tesira and Chinese amps such as those made by Admark and Gisen. Using two 4ch amps and a DSP you can make a rack with 8 multi thousand watt...
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    Looking to build a small PA systems for parties

    Are you willing to DIY? if you are the budget is pretty decent! Also second hand could be a good option. Passive crossovers are uncommon in PA. Danley is the only manufacturer I know that do a lot of models with passive crossovers.
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    The quest for my hyper speaker - Very Large room dilemma

    Erins audio corner has some compression data; EG. speaker under limiting/compression at 102dB/1m: E.G speaker compressing only in the low bass: aiming for 12dB of headroom...
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    The quest for my hyper speaker - Very Large room dilemma

    @gnarly this is a good point, I often setup high quality PA systems outdoors and it sounds better than anything indoors. The required 'house curve' differs though so if you took speakers that sound good indoors outdoors without adjusting EQ it would probably be not as good as it could be.
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