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  1. S

    PC subwoofer noise - EMI or something else?

    Hello. I have bought a great subwoofer for my needs, but I experience some noise when it is connected to my PC. However, when I connect it to my phone there is no noise. Here are the tests I made - Phone to apple dongle to subwoofer- no noise. Phone to tempotec sonata hd pro dongle to subwoofer...
  2. F

    Truthear Crinacle Zero background white noise with apple dongle on pc

    I recently got a Truthear x Crinacle Zero, and the sound seemed too low. So I got the apple type c to 3.5mm dongle and connected it to my USB-3.1 port via the type c to USB-A converter. The sound volume problem has been resolved, but I can hear a background white noise, which is not much but...
  3. amirm

    ART USB Phono Plus Review

    This is a review and detailed measurements of the ART USB Phono Plus preamplifier and digitizer. A member kindly donated money for me to buy this to test. It costs US $99.99. The design is what you expect in this price range although good bit of controls are provided. As the name indicates...
  4. K

    Looking for a small USB to TOSLINK/Optical converter

    I have a small PC mounted to the back of my monitor which doesn't have an optical output. Using USB to my DAC gives an elevated noise floor, but I know optical will work (I used that in the same setup, but with another PC that also had an optical out). So I'm looking for an USB to optical...
  5. L

    Gustard R26 popping noise from speakers when changes sample rates

    Hi. I am having an issue using Gustard R26 DAC. When I enable NOS, I am getting most of the time a popping noise coming from the speakers when the DAC changes sample rates. sometimes minor, sometimes a little more loud and at times it change without the popping noise. It doesn't happen when...
  6. Thomas_A

    Topping D10s noise via Mac mini

    I did some initial experiments with the D10s and Cosmos in the Cosmos thread, and got some weird 100 Hz noise when D10s was connected to Mac mini. Since this seems to be related more to the D10s and Mac mini I made a separate thread. The noise profile, measured with macbook/E1DA on battery...
  7. DVDdoug

    PC subwoofer noise - EMI or something else?

    USB power tends to be noisy and noisy USB power CAN sometimes get into the analog-side of the DAC. That can be "ground loop noise". But you won't know if a separate power supply will solve YOUR problem until your problem is solved. ;) Is it AC power line hum or higher-pitch whine? USB...
  8. antcollinet

    PC subwoofer noise - EMI or something else?

    That high pitched noise is also normally coupled into the signal via a ground loop. It can go through the DAC PSU, but that would imply a pretty poor PSU design. Filtering PSU noise is easy (and a pretty natural consequence of bulk capacitance in the PSU) If the noise is ground coupled then...
  9. S

    Raspberry : power supply with LT3045 regulator (low noise)

    Why? A competently designed USB-powered DAC will have all the internal regulation it needs to deal with the expected noise on the USB power line. Archimago has a few articles with measurements of the noise on the USB power line, and the total lack of difference it makes at the output of the DAC.
  10. I

    USB to SPDIF?

    Hi guys. I have bought a rega elicit mk5 amplifier that includes a dac (wolfson) and I really like It the warm sound It provides It fits my linton very well so... Right now I am connecting my laptop to HDMI to my TV and from my TV digital output to the amplifier(dac). I dont think this is the...
  11. M

    Best budget DAC/amp Dongle?

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I want to eliminate static noise when using IEMs with my PC, so I just wanted to ask if there are any budget dongle DAC amps that have equal or better performance than the Apple USB-C dongle. You see, my old motherboard, which has the Realtek ALC887, does not have...
  12. DVDdoug

    Am I deaf? And what is the next step up?

    I don't EXPECT audible differences with ANY electronics (unless an amplifier is over-driven into distortion, etc.). Sometimes there is audible background noise, or sometimes the noise is worse on one piece of equipment than another. A DAC shouldn't have any audible noise, but I've had a...
  13. Mark S.

    Adventures in USB isolation ...

    Installed a USB isolater for my SMSL SU-1 yesterday; 'Inexpensive' Aliexpress USB Isolater At ~£36 delivered (in about a week) it's much cheaper than the two offerings from Topping, HS01 and HS02 (£69 and £109). and ... it works, sort of, so far. Complete silence from speaker amp now...
  14. Veri

    Topping D70 Pro Sabre DAC Review

    Must-have. Night and day! Wife heard it from the kitchen, came over and asked him oh what component did he change, the change is D R A S T I C.. Don't buy into these kind of stories. USB noise.. just ask yourself, can you hear any noise right now? What 'USB noise' is there even to fix??
  15. C

    Raspberry : power supply with LT3045 regulator (low noise)

    The "noise problem" with the Pi series has nothing to do with how noisy the voltage regulators are. The noise source is the board itself and the fact that is contains lots of transistors that are rapidly switching on and off. My solution to computer noise was to switch to external USB audio...
  16. SuicideSquid

    Raspberry : power supply with LT3045 regulator (low noise)

    What is the specific problem you are trying to solve? You said you don't have a noise problem. The SMSL Sanskrit Mk 2 is a transparent DAC with no audible jitter (on USB, coax is a different story), noise or distortion. So what is the problem?
  17. S

    Why active speakers cannot easily get rid of hiss like laptop speakers or very tiny speakers?

    And I don't think there is any noise in USB/SPDIF. However strong the noise is, 0/1s are hard to be converted.
  18. I

    ifi iPurifier3 USB Filter Review

    Long time listener, first time caller. @amirm I purchased the SMSL M500 MkIII after reading the review of it that you posted. But it very much had an issue with USB power noise. Notable only when the GPU was under load, IE during gaming. When gaming, the noise would shift in pitch based on...
  19. DVDdoug

    Motu vs UA Apollo

    I really don't know... A lot of "claims"... You'd have to find honest "apples-to-apples" measurements. Usually the A/D and D/A are fine and if there is a difference it's noise in the microphone preamp stage. It's not easy to find comparable measurements for noise either. With USB-powered...
  20. R

    RSL iA255.1 Class D integrated amplifier discussion

    I get noise for maybe 3 seconds as it starts with the USB c input. 1 month update. It works fine and I think probably a great unit at its price point from my limited knowledge.
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