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  1. cistercian

    RME ADI-2 DAC FS - AKM Versus ESS Measurements (DAC, Preamp & Headamp)

    @VintageFlanker Epic post and thank you. Happily listening to my AKM RME ADI-2 as I write this. I cried when the AKM fab burned down and bought an Icom R-30 based on the fab being trashed. Because ICOM had a custom decoder chip built at that fab that disappeared after it burned down...and as...
  2. cistercian

    New Chinese IEM's

    I bought a pile of IEMs primarily for high sensitivity geek use. I have the Tin Hifi T3 Plus which is an excellent sounding as well as great fitting IEM...I highly recommend it. I also Have a Moondrop Aria which is a miss in terms of fit...but sounds wonderful. I had to use spinfits to make it...
  3. cistercian

    IEM for crystal radio use

    It is my friend. I was 8 when I got mine. I am 61 now. So when I say these are good I am serious. I hate earbuds BTW. I wish someone...anyone would make good "cans" for this but they don't. The best I found before I went down the IEM rabbit hole is the Sennheiser HD-26 Pro cans. They are...
  4. cistercian

    IEM for crystal radio use

    I went a bit nuts after I discovered how sensitive low impedance IEMs can be using an appropriate audio transformer...for crystal radio use. This is NOT an audio quality topic. As an inveterate geek I have played with high sensitivity phones since I was a boy. My first radio was a crystal set...
  5. cistercian

    RME ADI-2 FS Version 2 DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    Listening to my early unit tonight. (AKM Chipset) Its preposterously excellent. What an amazing piece of gear. I am so happy with it! Thanks RME and Amir for reviewing it. Such an excellent piece of equipment...its amazing....still. What a fantastic DAC. It's EPIC!!!!!
  6. cistercian

    Amazing Experiment

    Me too. LOL
  7. cistercian

    Crown XLS 1002

    I bought a Crown 1002 and liked it so much I bought a 2502. Best amps I have ever had. I run mine full range into JBL 835 passive speakers. I use a RME ADI2 DAC which is just an epic piece of gear. But I am a cretin so beware my advice. See Amirs review of my components. I like what I use...
  8. cistercian

    Let's talk CD Players!

    I think the CD format is more than enough! My experience was my player failed so I bought a replacement and it sounded horrible. It had digital output so instead of the analog I tried that and in so doing realized my old CD experience was colored by a very poor built in DAC of my original...
  9. cistercian

    Behringer NX1000D Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    I forgot...thanks Amir for the great review!
  10. cistercian

    Behringer NX1000D Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    The power rating is just lame. Why? I don't get it. My XLS 2502 may not be audiophile but it is still a powerful monster for the times I want it powerful and loud...which is why I bought it. It is on now too...and I am playing it entirely too loud! Something this amp cannot do:mad:
  11. cistercian

    The Cable Debate Just Ended

    That video was epic. Very hilarious!!!!:D Thank you!!!
  12. cistercian

    The decline and fall of Reflex.

    I only use DSLR and all are DX so I can avoid vignetting and soft corner performance using some FX glass. (105mm F1.4G) Using the sweet spot of the lens is nice. I saw the writing on the wall and prefer to look through my glass so I stocked up on some gear I thought would go away. I was right...
  13. cistercian

    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Best: My avatar, JBL 835SRX passive 3 ways. Do you want to rock hard? Excellent. Have money for for an attorney. 135DB+!!! Sennheiser HD 600...incredible on sale for 238ish dollars. RME ADI DAC2 FS. Expensive. Worth every penny and then some. Crown XLS2502 amplifier. It drives the JBL...
  14. cistercian

    Why Aren't There Female Audiophiles?

    I have seen serious female audiophiles on various you tube channels...but I regret to say I cannot list them. They definitely exist though! ETA. I was silly enough to think the topic was serious. Then I watched the video. LOL!
  15. cistercian

    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    I want to see the Sennheiser HD300Pro measured.
  16. cistercian

    HD600 vs HD650

    I have seen this too. Mine are the blue marble colored ones so I am clueless about what version they are. I know when I bought them one of the things that weighed heavily in my choice was their popularity in use for mixing recordings in the time period I liked best. Using the same cans the...
  17. cistercian

    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    I would add that pad wear on the well loved HD600 probably had substantial impact. Based on what I have observed here over time, and I have said this before, I completely trust Amir. I am incredibly thankful for the site and for what Amir does here.
  18. cistercian

    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    Thank you for this review Amir. The HD600 is my reference phone set. They are not perfect, but they are very good. I am not willing to pay orders of magnitude more money to "upgrade" either. Thanks Amir!
  19. cistercian

    Best sounding full-size closed-back...

    My favorite phones are the Sennheiser HD600. Of course, they are open back...and I mostly use them for music. They are far from perfect, but serve for me as the standard. I need a good set of cans for use with my ham radio transceiver that had very high isolation and also great clarity in the...
  20. cistercian

    JBL 4349 Review (Studio Monitor Speaker)

    Thanks for the review Amir! I enjoyed it tremendously. Great job as always and best wishes!
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