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  1. Valis

    Celebrity RIP Thread
  2. Valis

    Choosing between Adam Audio T Series, Kali IN Series, JBL 3 Series, and maybe others for nearfield listening.

    Some really good advice and observations in this thread. @EdLaFave you never responded to these great posts. What did you end up going with?
  3. Valis

    Kali IN-UNF or small premium monitors (genelec, neumann, focal)?

    Really? What in particular do you love about it?
  4. Valis

    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    So when youtubers such as Tharbamar refer to the "slightly more refined and a little bit more polite sound signature" of the DO200 MKII's dual ESS9068AS chipset in comparison to the SU-9 Pro's single ES9039MPro, or iiWi who cites the "spatially laid-back" sound of the DO200 MKII's "little bit...
  5. Valis

    SMSL Aoshida Hi-Fi DO200

    I find your question confusing, as you said earlier in this thread you purchased the DO200 MKII, which uses the XMOS XU-316 chipset.
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