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  1. Jaimo

    Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Stage Review (Updated)

    I have the ART Precision Phono and have to say that I have no real issues with this on my Technics SL100C with stock AT VM95C MM cartridge. I listen to vinyl only occasionally nowadays and I am tempted to hook up my DL103R and Softone SUT into the ART, I’m not sure that this will be a...
  2. Jaimo

    Parasound XRM vs JC3 JR Phono Preamp

    It is important to apply some scientific rigour to comparing different audio products. If you don’t do this, you will likely end up making very expensive errors in judgement and become more and more frustrated. The list of actions you can take to objectively select equipment below is by no means...
  3. Jaimo

    Has the objective of ASR been reached?

    Going back to the OP’s point and Amir’s comment, I for one would really like to see Turntable measurements. Also, I believe that we should not consider objective assessments fully baked and explore the possibility of the existence of other measurements that take the state of the art up a few...
  4. Jaimo

    Orei HDA-939 HDMI Audio Extractor Review

    I have are three HDMI inputs and One HDMI out - no separate audio connection. The Toslink audio out is separated from the HDMI signals so yes, I guess I’m using ARC HDMI. Hope this helps.
  5. Jaimo

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I don’t doubt that you will find the A90D a great addition to your system. I am still playing around with volume curves etc- it does take time to get used to the different functions that this unit offers. I do find that I am listening to music at much higher levels than before I installed my...
  6. Jaimo

    Topping a90d vs topping pre 90

    I received my A90D yesterday and inserted it between my Topping EX5 and JBL LSR708P speakers using the balanced in and balanced out connections. I noticed that the ground lift switch was “on” as shipped and I set this to “off” before powering up. I also have an order in for an Extension unit...
  7. Jaimo

    Hagerman Bugle3 Phono Stage Review

    Hey Jim, thanks for joining in on the discussion and explaining your design logic. I am an avid DIYer and encourage others to explore your designs and learn how to wield a soldering iron :) While I haven’t built any of your designs, I commend you on your support for the DIY community. It’s the...
  8. Jaimo

    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Spring deals are also available on the Aoshida and Shenzhen Amazon stores. Camel Camel shows the Topping A90D and A90Pre at “Best Price”, meaning that this is the lowest these items have been listed for. I believe that the 15% discount for these items is valid until March26. Edit: deal...
  9. Jaimo

    Orei HDA-939 HDMI Audio Extractor Review

    Thanks for the clarification! I’ve tried setting up home theatre systems on two occasions and while I got a great picture from an Epson projector, the my Onkyo / Polk audio 7.1 system turned out underwhelming. I’m happily back to my 2.1 stereo.
  10. Jaimo

    Orei HDA-939 HDMI Audio Extractor Review

    Not sure if I am missing something here, the TeSmart unit costs $69 and while it is intended as a selector, it also provides an optical spdif output (audio extractor) It wasn’t my intention to hijack this thread so let’s just consider this discussion closed.
  11. Jaimo

    Orei HDA-939 HDMI Audio Extractor Review

    I have been using this selector since 2020 and it works without any issues. It is very well built and I’ve often wondered how it will test against the Amazon Basics unit… HDMI Switch 4 in 1 Out, TESmart...
  12. Jaimo

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I come from an era of 25dB channel separation phono cartridges so this is less of an issue for me on the analog side. Life is full of compromises - it will be interesting to note if the stereo imaging changes when I insert the A70D onto my signal chain. I am extremely sensitive to channel balance.
  13. Jaimo

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    “Also more accurate volume controls. I also considered a90d, but settled on pre90, as I don't need headphone amp.” The A90D has user selectable volume curves which allows one to select a suitable volume curve based on use case. This is pretty smart.
  14. Jaimo

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    I just cancelled my Pre90 order after I came across the A90D. The A90D is listed on Amazon at the same price as the Pre90. Wondering if Topping is encouraging a switch to the A90D. I also considered the pro's and con's of both units and the A90D looks like a better value and featured option at...
  15. Jaimo

    Alternative to Roon....

    My yearly Roon subscription ends soon and I have decided not to renew or, go for the $800 lifetime membership. I signed up instead on AllMusic and use my MacBook Air to control my MacMini streamer running Amazon Music. Switching between AllMusic and Amazon Music is pretty easy and while the...
  16. Jaimo

    Objective Differences Between Technics G & GR Models

    The LO7D more than makes up for this. Congrats on an awesome collection! I just posted pics of my 301 #516
  17. Jaimo

    Nice turntables. Attached picture is an absolute requirement.

    My rebuilt Garrard 301 with copper mat, centre weight and peripheral ring from TTW. The plinth was my early attempt at woodworking - I've learned a lot since then and will build a new plinth someday soon...
  18. Jaimo

    Objective Differences Between Technics G & GR Models

    Wow! a DP100M... - going off topic here but can you post a pic. This is supposed to be like hen's teeth.
  19. Jaimo

    The Truth About Phono Cartridges

    Thanks Punter for taking the time to post this detailed write-up.
  20. Jaimo

    Objective Differences Between Technics G & GR Models

    Yes Restorer-John, you are indeed correct, it is the moving parts… As my decades have passed, I do tend to fall asleep every now and then and my moving parts are somewhat challenged, making an auto return TT highly desirable.
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