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  1. ocinn

    Revel C783 In-Ceiling Speaker Review

    Kef CI-250RRM seems to be textbook perfection based on their data sheets, however… unbelievably expensive.
  2. ocinn

    Schiit KARA Preamp and Headphone Amp Review

    Low pass is not really needed as literally every powered subwoofer includes one already.
  3. ocinn

    Schiit KARA Preamp and Headphone Amp Review

    Full-band subwoofer&main outputs (which btw, this doesn’t even have, it simply has a balanced and unbalanced output) were something to get excited about in 1980. It’s 2023. These days it is unacceptable, IMO, for dedicated analog preamplifiers to not include at MINIMUM, a fixed 80hz hi pass...
  4. ocinn

    Role Audio Skiff Speaker Review

    To be fair, none of these are necessarily inaccurate. Shame it’s completely broken on every other front though.
  5. ocinn

    EAR Yoshino 834L Deluxe Preamp Review

    The whole idea behind hifi reproduction is to present the listener the exact sound that the artist/producer/engineer desired when they were recording/mixing/mastering the track in the studio. Harmonic distortion/saturation, soft clipping/compression etc… are fantastic tools in the studio and...
  6. ocinn

    EAR Yoshino 834L Deluxe Preamp Review Have fun! Distribution graph is shown at the end.
  7. ocinn

    Need advice to pick the perfect Amp/DAC stack for my headphones

    WiiM mini into the D70/A70 stack will run circles around that naim. As has been shown here and everywhere, modern naim products are not that good, even if the chips they are are top of the line. There is absolutely no way that Naim could even come close, especially considering their track...
  8. ocinn

    Need advice to pick the perfect Amp/DAC stack for my headphones

    No not really. Assuming they retained the dac from the standard atom, it’s downright awful. The new D70/A70 is stellar and should be cheaper than the 90 stack.
  9. ocinn

    Toslink switch and TosLink/Coaxial SPDIF converter - Review and measurements

    I use a toslink switcher and splitter to send PC audio to my headphone DAC/Amp, my MiniDSP and my TC Electronics Mastering Analyzer. Happy to take a couple sinad hit to avoid having to mess around in Windows every time I want to re-route audio.
  10. ocinn

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Came back to this thread to have a fun laugh about the newest snake oil discoveries and was confronted with a debate about bananas and high end art theory. What happened here? Objectively pointless Luxury ≠ audio snake oil. Watches and art are subjective mediums. No watchmaker that is producing...
  11. ocinn

    Apollon NCx500ST Stereo Amplifier Review

    I don’t think anyone on this forum is saying there are audible differences outside of outlier fringe cases. There are measurable differences, sure, but at this level of performance, 3db Sinad is irrelevant and obviously not worth the money. Cleaning and tightening your binding posts can make...
  12. ocinn

    Apollon NCx500ST Stereo Amplifier Review

    I like Apollon a lot because they give “classical audiophiles” a way to experience state of the art equipment without sacrificing luxury, build, and features. NAD does this too with the masters series. Kudos to both of em. Shame it can’t quite hang with the reference design but it’s completely...
  13. ocinn

    PrimaLuna Dialogue Three Preamp Review

    This is a funny review to see as I was actually loaned one of these awhile back when I was a teenager newbie-audiophile (this was before I became invested in objective analysis or devoted myself to engineering fields), by a much older friend of mine who bought it broken (failed solder joint on...
  14. ocinn

    SONCOZ SGP1 Stereo Amplifier Review

    $1600 and two huge power bricks you need to hide, not to mention two separate amplifiers. Or, $1100 one box. Also noise performance on both is so good your listening room would need to be an anechoic chamber to even have the chance to notice.
  15. ocinn

    SONCOZ SGP1 Stereo Amplifier Review

    Incredibly nice. Great performance and beautiful looks for a very solid price. This is essentially what the topping LA90 should have been. Gain choice is a bit strange. It’s an XLR-only amplifier, thus I would have liked to see max power at >3.5v or so (lower gain). 2.5v doesn’t really make...
  16. ocinn

    NAD C298 Stereo Amplifier Review

    I feel like a lot of ASR readers underestimate the market of consumers who either walk into a brick and mortar store, or hire an audio firm to build a system. Neither of those would carry or sell buckeye, Audiophonics, Etc…. For a heritage brand, common amongst retailers, with some of the...
  17. ocinn

    Subwoofers: a need for lower distortion?

    Warning, Very subjective reply: I do live sound, a huge part of my job is designing and tuning ultra high spl subwoofer arrays. I am quite familiar with pushing subwoofers to their absolute limit, and both objective and subjective analysis of systems. I find reasonable harmonic distortion...
  18. ocinn

    Sabaj A20d 2023 DAC & HP Amp Review

    Sabaj and SMSL (same company) are on an insane redemption arc. Absolutely killing it. Seems like every product they make in every pricerange is absolutely dominating the value metric. However, I feel like the SMSL C200 is the better value in this bracket. Excited to see where they go...
  19. ocinn

    Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphone Review

    I demoed these and had zero complaints about the bass. Yes, it is recessed but I was not getting any distortion or breakup at extremely high levels, and a shelf filter could have been placed without sacrificing sane output levels. The upper treble went first, IME. It was powered by a Mjolnir...
  20. ocinn

    Topping PA5 II Stereo Amplifier Review

    AP555 - $109 Module $21 Case PSU $49 - $57 XLR Connectors, Binding posts, hookup wire, power switch ~$Free-15 Total: ~$194-202. No idea where you are getting this $400 number from. You could add a ~$25 soft...
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