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    A Call For Humor!

  2. napfkuchen

    Linus Tech Tips is going to be testing audio gear? LTT Lab 1

    Imagine you are part of a small business, send your product for evaluation to "mighty" LTT only to see it fail due to improper usage and the reviewer tells everybody: "This product would have been bulls**t regardless of improper testing and it is overpriced anyway." Just because they were too...
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    Fan-less silent PC

    There are also a bunch of fanless cases available for Intel NUC and AMD Mini PCs at Akasa. I got this one for an ASUS PN51 with Ryzen 7 5700u CPU. For better cooling performance I placed a 12cm pc case fan on top. It's powered by USB which makes it inaudible but helps keep CPU temperatures...
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    Denon 2023 range X3900H/X4900H/X6800H announcement....!!??

    I don't the need for I had the "old" 3700x with - according to reviews - much better SINAD than the 3800x. For me there is no audible difference between the two devices. On the other hand, the added features, in particular several subwoofer outputs that can be controlled separately, the option...
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    Genelec 8331A Powered SAM Studio Monitor Review (by Erin)

    The Gen 7050 is not GLM compatible, you'll need the 7350.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Law Firm win: Bob Loblaw and his law log
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    Post a picture, a photograph, a drawing, a screenshot, words.

    100 x 140 cm, painted by a friend, there are several original versions by Giacomo Balla (see here)
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    The wealth-building thread

    I was very "angry" about gas prices and gpu shortage in 2020 and bought options for BP and also nvidia stocks to make up for the inflating prices. Unfortunately the stocks had to be sold by the end of last year to help finance the purchase of a new apartment... I agree with @Blumlein 88 that...
  9. napfkuchen

    New mysterious Genelec monitors

    At 1-1,5m listening distance my toy speakers offer much more SPL than my ears can handle (room 4 x 3,6m, listening distance 1-1,5m). 8341 + W371 will be the optimum as was already stated. If you worry about acoustic problems in your room maybe get just one 8381 and sit in it.
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    Denon AVR-X4800H AVR Review

    I guess it's the same with Marantz' HDAM which is also used as a marketing tool to differentiate from Denon's products. But the consesus seems to be that it doesn't improve audio quality at all (rather the opposite).
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    Small size speakers has more clear sound than big size?.

    My LG XBoom360 does what its product name suggests... It sounds very boomy. Although it is advertised mainly with the 360 degree Sound to me it requires a lot of eq to get decent/acceptable sound throughout a room.
  12. napfkuchen

    Convince me to not buy 8351b.

    Problem is that the in-room bass will most likely have some dips due to SBIR. My recommendation would be a pair of 8341 and 7360. With subwoofers you can even out the frequency response much easier because of placement options. Also the maximum SPL will be higher than with a pair of 8351.
  13. napfkuchen

    2.1 setup with GIK Acoustics

    You are right, they don't make much of a difference. But on the sidewalls there are windows/door/paintings and placing panels on the ceiling would throw shadows. The back wall is already covered:
  14. napfkuchen

    A Call For Humor!

    Similar to "commas can save lives" over here: "Komm, wir essen, Opa." = "Come on grandpa, dinner is ready." "Komm, wir essen Opa." = "Come on, let's eat grandpa."
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    Let's be a little nicer, especially to newcomers

    These rules do not apply to the inner circle. Troll-reply to my first posting here:
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    GR Research B24 AC Cable Review Follow up [Entertainment]

    Typical problem with these machines, the center image falls apart under load. It's obvious that top loader designs are better for music reproduction:
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    Male vocals

    some newer stuff: Volumes / Bend (acoustic version) / Happier? / 2021 Dayseeker / Neon Grave (live) / Dark Sun / 2022 one of my all-time-favourites: Enchant / Sinking Sand / Tug of War / 2003
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    A Call For Humor!

    Problems with your wife? Time to upgrade the stereo system ... :)
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    How NOT to set up speakers and room treatment ( Goldensound)

    Lost track a bit, so maybe this was already shown here: According to Jesko in small rooms the appropriate room treatment is absorption.
  20. napfkuchen

    Dolby Atmos Critique Video

    Yep, just do a google image search for "Dolby Atmos studio". 99% of studios use a front and rear height speaker layout as recommended by Auro.
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