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  1. Jeromeof

    Audio stutters with USB Dacs on Macbook M1 Pro

    Decided to try the RC of Sonoma - I see you can make any website an "App" so here is ASR as a Dock App (might need a better Icon :D )
  2. Jeromeof

    “Speech Jammer” discussion and demonstration Video

    i thought this also. I imagine this tech would be much better than the upward firing atmos speakers I have at bouncing sound off the ceiling
  3. Jeromeof

    YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition

    I would agree I find some of the Audio University videos excellent especially in providing some understanding in how audio is mixed and some of the tricks involved.
  4. Jeromeof

    What's a Balance Preamplifier Should Be Like?

    1. allow it to have the function to transfer balanced/single-ended to single-ended/balanced ! 2. (design A - maybe give it a similar colour volume as the V3?? ) 3. Optional Tone controls (they need to be "defeatable") and I would probably not use them but I imagine some people would.
  5. Jeromeof

    New Aiyima TPA3255 or TPA3116?

    Yes I also heard Aiyima have a new amp coming soon. Looking forward to see how well it measures, the original A07 got me into class D amplifiers a few years ago. In fact, most TPA3255 based Amps from Aiyima have been pretty great, it just a matter of deciding how much extra functionality you...
  6. Jeromeof

    Interesting new Moondrop product- DSP equipped IEM cable

    I believe the current Moondrops DSP enabled IEM's were not great - the reviews I read mentioned they were very "noisy" but this might be a great device for the new USB-C enabled iPhone.
  7. Jeromeof

    Introduction to the SmartCross project

    With 8 channel output I would have thought this would be nice for home cinema i.e. 7.1 mapping - but then I would suggest adding HDMI ARC input? Also, would love to see your UI as CamillaDSP is great but does need a simplified UI, but multi-channel DSP is a hard concept to simplify
  8. Jeromeof

    FOSI SK01 Review: Headphone amp + preamp with ample tone controls

    I don’t think an RCA Y splitter would be a good idea and the Wiim has EQ ( and very basic PEQ ) now so basic tones controls are less important for me ( though nice for have ) and why have it in the same system as a K7 ? But I think it’s an interesting product
  9. Jeromeof

    FOSI SK01 Review: Headphone amp + preamp with ample tone controls

    You are probably right - I do have a portable "headphone amp" which sort of increases the output of a mobile or laptop headphone jack for harder to drive headphones but it's not really that I think. At an initial look I was thinking I could use this instead of the Fiio K7 that I have between an...
  10. Jeromeof

    FOSI SK01 Review: Headphone amp + preamp with ample tone controls

    It interesting that it doesn't have a DAC - I guess the idea is it sits between a DAC and the Fosi Audio V3 - provides tone controls for the V3 and optionally headphone output.
  11. Jeromeof

    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    Yes the SK01 looks interesting a "middle ground" headphone Pre-amp DAC , it is both "portable" with a battery (yet looks a little bit too big e.g. compared with a Qudelix 5K etc) and so might be better suited to desktop setup, but in that space I think measurements would be key to understanding...
  12. Jeromeof

    Polk Signature Elite ES20 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    I do and I had it connected using the MiniDSP - but I have been moving things around so currently I am using this setup system without a subwoofer
  13. Jeromeof

    Polk Signature Elite ES20 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    How is the Fosi more expensive? I run my ES20 with my Fosi Audio V3 and it works great, gets very loud in my converted garage and sounds great IMO, it's a nice combination. I have this setup with a minidsp 2x4hd doing some room correction and overall this fairly inexpensive setup works great.
  14. Jeromeof

    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    I see there is a very nice new V3 Promo Video on YouTube - heavily referencing ASR and @amirm testing of the V3:
  15. Jeromeof

    Who has an AP and willing to do measurements for other ASR members, raise your hand

    It would be good if there was such a sticky post as I would also be very interested in setting up something in my garage. But a novices step by step guide would be great as I already thinking of buying this equipment but afraid I would connect it incorrectly initially and "blow" something. I...
  16. Jeromeof

    Darko latest video vinyl rips compared to streaming download

    His point if you watch the video is the streaming version has crap DR but the vinyl one is better ( but probably not ) as his measurement's would be flawed
  17. Jeromeof

    Darko latest video vinyl rips compared to streaming download

    :D No he ignored any measurements of the equipment he used capture the vinyl hence why I thought he was close but then jumped in subjective opinions
  18. Jeromeof

    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    I am thinking of measuring a few mid-range bluetooth speakers (for a bit of fun) - specifically 3 of them -and specifically I want to measure the various pre-shipped DSP options (of at least say 10 different DSP presets per speaker) and I was thinking rather than measuring them in-room (which I...
  19. Jeromeof

    Darko latest video vinyl rips compared to streaming download

    This video might be interesting for the community - I think Darko was so close to an understanding of what is wrong with measuring the dynamic range of a vinyl ripped via the Cosmos ADC and DROffline MKII but then jumped back to his subjective opinions :rolleyes: Basically for those not...
  20. Jeromeof

    After the hype of Chinese HiFi brands, what is the jury?

    I imagine you never actually read the details of this case - what happened was that Apple slowed down older iPhones so the battery would last longer - effectively extending the lifetime of older iPhones - so a good thing for sustainability - but unfortunately for them, they never published this...
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