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  1. RighteousNuts

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    Speaking from experience, it occurs in bass heavy music as you turn the volume up and it's really noticable ( to me anyways ).
  2. RighteousNuts

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    Honestly, I like my Abyss Diana V2s, but at medium volumes the bass tends to distort and it really ruins music ( I'm a future funk / Vaporwave kind guy) . At low volumes it performs much better, but all bass heavy music cause them to struggle. Yeah, I have both the emerald and sapphire mk2s...
  3. RighteousNuts

    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    If Amir wants to try a set of empryeans he can borrow mine. Saw it earlier in the thread. Also, I have verites closed back from zmf and a ton of others if he's so inclined.
  4. RighteousNuts

    Best bass headphones

    Haven't found a set better than campfire audio cascades ( get the XL pads).
  5. RighteousNuts

    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    FYI, the Aeon 2 Noire is pretty great imo.
  6. RighteousNuts

    Abyss Diana V2 Review (headphone)

    I rather enjoy my diana v2s oddly enough.
  7. RighteousNuts

    Beyerdynamic T1 Review (V2 headphone)

    Out of all the headphones I own, the DT 770 pro and the DT 1990 are my least favorite. Beyers broadcast headphones ( the DT 290) is pretty solid though.
  8. RighteousNuts

    Focal Clear vs DT1990, which one?

    Probably been said, the clear. DT1990 is overrated.
  9. RighteousNuts

    Best closed-back headphones, $200-$300

    Tbh, at that price point I'd go with something like meze classics noir or sony x4s or something from AKG.
  10. RighteousNuts

    Closed headphone recommendations

    Th900mk2 is a Solid choice. Fostex in general is gold.
  11. RighteousNuts

    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    I'm not fan of the sibilance on the SHP variants. They're overall okay. I heard the 9600 is an improvement but still bad sibilance overall. Generally the HD variants are good imaging / soundstage and good musically which hits all the major areas for versatile use which is why they're getting...
  12. RighteousNuts

    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    Sorry, 400 USD. ( more than their base cost from modhouse, theyre on back order/ sold out for the rest of the year so inflated ebay prices are your best bet) but yes, those that you linked. Fostex is by far my favorite brand next to Mr Speakers and Audeze.
  13. RighteousNuts

    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    Overall, I'd recommend HD58x, 6xx or He-4xx. I think for music HE-4xx is probably my favorite, but it's the least effective for gaming and imaging. The HD58x is probably the best for gaming but the bass roll off is pretty significant (So I'm less of a fan). If you're willing to take a chance on...
  14. RighteousNuts

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    The Ether CX and Ether C Flows have far different sounds. The CX has a weak sub bass and the flow doesnt. The Ether CX was also my first high end headphone purchase. I'd say it's a great monitor headphone and nothing else.
  15. RighteousNuts

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    LCD-4, Ether C Flow, Ether CX, HD650, Alpha Dogs, TH-X00 Purplehearts, DT 1990 Pro, HD650s, Sony MDR Z1Rs, HD600, Argon Mk3s, Sony WH1000XM3, I think my favorite are Ether C Flows or Sony Z1Rs. LCD-4s have wonderful slam, just super heavy for long listening periods. For travelling I either use...
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