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  1. norman bates

    Fane 15-300TC 15" full range speaker based project

    sealed................... Maybe 3ft3, on ground, golden ratios, Under TV. Sealed vs vented, to me, you can hear a 40hz tuning as a thunk thunk. But 27-30hz is fine to my ears. I plugged my 27hz tuned (butterworth 4th) for a theoretical "faster bass", instead I just got 6db LESS bass. An...
  2. norman bates

    Fane 15-300TC 15" full range speaker based project

    I was happy with the Fane 250tc, using an old 10 band equalizer...... All I did was eq down that hump 1-3khz, boost the hf, then sit a bit off axis. Easily covered a couch at 8' away.
  3. norman bates

    SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 based desktop project

    good work. Here, there is not much love for full range drivers. We would love to hear about your project over here.
  4. norman bates

    Classic Integrated Amplifiers!

    My newest addition to the stereo family Marantz 1060. Had one 24 years ago, left it with ex wife. Just got this one a month ago.
  5. norman bates

    Role Audio Skiff Speaker Review

    maybe dampening would knock that down................
  6. norman bates

    Role Audio Skiff Speaker Review

    What is causing the peak at 1.5khz ?????? And I agree, seeing the dispersion graph, I think there may be a tiny whizzer in there. To be fair, a good 3.5" tang band isn't cheap these days.
  7. norman bates

    New member

    And remember, enjoyment does not necessarily need high fidelity..... Welcome !!!!!!!!
  8. norman bates

    Klipsch Heresy For Sale

    They are to klipsch fans. They will pay decent bucks for them, check sold prices on ebay. Usually not much below 100hz though, unless backed up to concrete floor/wall behind them.
  9. norman bates

    M&K S-150THX Speaker Review

    I'd surprised I haven't seen more on push-pull subwoofers here given their cleaner distortion measurements...... granted, like many others, sub/subs in too small a box (vs 4th) with mucho...
  10. norman bates

    Klipsch The Nines - Review & Measurements by Erin

    As a horn enthusiast, I appreciate their effort. No slots by the throat, a seemingly continuous curve, flush out to the baffle...... Ideally no corners, but hey, looks really good. I too am curious about the 250 - 1khz also, perhaps mucho eq....... Is the m106 less distortion from 300hz up ...
  11. norman bates

    Vandersteen VLR Speaker Review

    From Elliot sound productions. Eventhen, wall reflections smear it. I was a 6db time/phase flag carrier until I listened to this on headphones. Granted, the Mic is very near field, not 10' away where the 5" would have not much below 200hz. It is easy to hear it...
  12. norman bates

    Your vintage audio bargains. Show us pics.

    Certainly not $5, but found this locally. Not quite what I wanted, but sounds good to me.... Now I need a tuner.
  13. norman bates

    Monolith by Monoprice THX Certified Satellite Speakers (review by Erin)

    Sitting 10'+ away, I can't see a single 4.5" crossing under 200hz to be satisfying for music. Maybe for a 5' nearfield setup. But that dispersion is respectable.
  14. norman bates

    Why are AVR’s cheaper than Integrated?

    To the original poster, I have not gone in that direction, but, I had a good experience with surround music modes in the late 90's. It was a beastly $800 Yamaha receiver. The surround modes sounded good to my ears but, I had the same big 3-ways with 15's front and back. If you have smaller...
  15. norman bates

    SOLD: Pair of Tang Band W8-1772 8" "Full Range" Drivers

    You will have more luck selling those on swap meet on Not exactly a full range driver crowd here....... And it can be an easier se!l saying $300 free shipping. But you have to go to the post office first so you don't lose a lot by under charging.
  16. norman bates

    Low volume settings...?

    95% of my listening is probably under 70db. You bet I use a loudness button. Or eq, whatever you wish. A marantz 1060 integrated receiver from 72-77 gradually disengages the loudness button's boosting of bass and treble as you turn the volume up. Perfect ? No But works well. The newer...
  17. norman bates

    Single full range drivers

    I've also read where an audio person's significant other, English wasn't their first language. Using a full range driver was easier for her to understand what was being said watching shows and movies. I've always (subjective) felt full range drivers and 6db time/phase aligned speakers were...
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